Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Guo, Li Xia Shao, Han Guo, Yan Xing

Abstract: Output power characteristic of wind generator has different influence on PCC voltage stability, which consists of three kinds wind...

Authors: Hai Tao Wu, Liang Zhang, Jing Zhao, Xiao Rong Ye

Abstract: The paper focuses on floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) and makes a review of famous designs. FOWT foundation is classified into three...

Authors: Jian Ma, Xin Chen, Yi Shi

Abstract: Agricultural non-point source (NPS) pollution is a growing environmental problem, contributing much to water eutrophication in China as well...

Authors: Guang Long Xie, Bu Han Zhang, Cheng Xiong Mao, Yan Li

Abstract: Nowadays the voltage instability problems occur in the distribution grid due to the integration of more and more fluctuant distributed...

Authors: Jie He, Yu Ting Gao, Da Zuo Yang, Bin Wang, Yi Bing Zhou

Abstract: Heavy metal pollution is not only damaging to the environment, plant growth, but also harming animal and human health through the food...

Authors: Min Zhang, Xiao Cai Yu, Min Jing Li, Wei Chen

Abstract: Water-insoluble chitin betainate was environmentally friendly prepared by esterifying chitin with betaine hydrochloride in the presence of...

Authors: Dong Feng Wang, Fu Qiang Wang, Pu Han

Abstract: Wind speed forecasting is critical for wind energy conversion systems. Adaptive and reliable methods and techniques of wind speed...

Authors: Hua Fei

Abstract: The microscope characters of flame-retardant PC/ABS by a new kind of phosphate flame retardant, bisphenol-a bis (dipenyl phosphate) (BDP),...

Authors: Shu Xi Liu, Shan Li, Juan He

Abstract: Direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) has become an important research subject besides the double-fed induction...

Authors: Ping Lan, Li Hong Lan, Tao Xie, An Ping Liao

Abstract: Catalytic steam reforming of bio-oil is an economically feasible route producing renewable hydrogen. Ni/MgO-La2O3-Al2O3 catalyst was...


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