Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Jiang Tao Liu, Li Ming Ying, Chun Ming Pei

Abstract: The problem of noise in power transformer was pay attention to by this paper. The paper presents the design methodology for the active noise...

Authors: Xiao Cai Yu, Peng Fei Zhu, Min Zhang, Ji Yao Guo, Xv Zheng

Abstract: The Sn4+-doped nano-TiO2 particles with various amounts of dopant Sn4+ irons was prepared by sol-gel method using tetrabutyl titanate(TEOT)...

Authors: Ying Liu, Yan Min Yu, Yan Wang

Abstract: A new method of determinating doxycycline residues in milks and content in serum,table and injection samples was established with...

Authors: Jia Ying Wang, Hao Chen, Wen Yu Xia, Ling Chen, Jian Fu Zhao, Guang Ming Li

Abstract: Six specific types of surface dusts were collected from different e-waste disposal areas in Shanghai, China for the determination of toxic...

Authors: Mao Wei Ju, Ai Min Li, Xi Liu

Abstract: The municipal solid waste (MSW) generation rate is being accelerated in China. Problems encountered in waste management are particularly...

Authors: Xin Jin, Zi Fu Li, Xin Zhao, Lan Lan Xie, Ting Ting Wang

Abstract: The main objective of the study is to explore how ultrasonic work with ultraviolet, in an attempt to find out the synergistic effect in...

Authors: Ke Jian Chu, Zu Lin Hua, Li Gu, Xiao Dong Liu, Qi Ming Li

Abstract: The reaeration performance in smooth and parallel flashboard spillways with 3cm, 6cm and 9cm board space over curve dams has been...

Authors: Zuo Xia Xing, Lei Chen, Li Chen Xue, Yong Xing Zhang

Abstract: In order to maintain the stable operation of grid system, the grid company requires wind turbine generator system with low-voltage ride...

Authors: Shao Nong Wang, Yong Guang Li, Zhen Wu Wu

Abstract: This paper introduces the household wind turbine and grid joint power supply system, indicates the outstanding advantages of the system:...

Authors: Ya Fei Li, Gao Huan Liu

Abstract: There are many tropical forest resources in Xishuangbanna area; it is a very important status in China. But because a large number of rubber...


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