Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Yuh Yih Wu, Bo Chiuan Chen, Anh Trung Tran

Abstract: The Semi-Direct Injection (SDI) system has been shown to improve small engine efficiency and exhaust by utilizing a lean burn method. In...

Authors: Jin Qiang Ma, Ye Xu, Yuan Feng Xu, Hui Li, He Xing Li, Ping Li, Xing Gui Zhou

Abstract: Aqueous-phase reforming of 5 wt% ethylene glycol was studied at temperature of 498 K over Pt supported on Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, CeO2. High...

Authors: Jin Ming Wang

Abstract: Competitive sorption capacity of equal concentration of Cs+ and Sr2+ in zeolite and palygorskite were studied by the intermittence method....

Authors: Wen Wen Wang, Rui Li

Abstract: In this paper, simulates the air performance of multi-row finned-tube heat exchanger by Fluent. The mathematics model is established, using...

Authors: Ling Feng Zhu, Yi Ping Guo, Meng Cheng, Nan Zhang, Gui Xia Chen, Yang Yang Wang, Yan Wang

Abstract: In order to provide the scientific and practical basis to the industrial test of methanol catalytic synthesis from cornstalk syngas, the...

Authors: Da Long Huang, Zhong Ming Wang, Zhen Hong Yuan

Abstract: After investigating the effects of each parameter on the esterification of FFA catalyzed by Amberlyst-15 in the trap grease, the optimal...

Authors: Poramate Sukchum, Warawut Chulalaksananukul, Orathai Chavalparit

Abstract: Currently, ethanol has gained significance since it is substantially used as an alternative biofuel. It can be produced by agro-industrial...

Authors: Chang Hua Shang, Shun Ni Zhu, Zhen Hong Yuan, Zhong Ming Wang

Abstract: Malic enzymes are a class of oxidative decarboxylases which catalyze the oxidative decarboxylation of malate to pyruvate and carbon dioxide....

Authors: Benjarat Laobussararak, Warawut Chulalaksananukul, Orathai Chavalparit

Abstract: This study was to investigate the fermentation of rice straw using various microorganisms, i.e., the bacterium Zymomonas mobilis, a...

Authors: Yu Pu Wang, Yu Huan Liu, Rong Sheng Ruan, Yi Qin Wan, Jin Sheng Zhang, Hong Peng

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to preparing high heat value fuels. In present investigation, sodium soap made from microalgae oil was used as...


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