Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Yi Luo, Chao Li, Chui Jie Yi, Yang Min Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, a novel biomass pyrolysis and liquefaction system using blast furnace as heating source was presented. The system is composed...

Authors: Si Yi Luo, Chao Li, Chui Jie Yi, Yang Min Zhou

Abstract: A novel biomass pulverization technology was presented, and its performance is affected by many aspects, which have not been studied and...

Authors: Jing Xia Liu, Gui Mei Cui

Abstract: In this paper, as a background for original monitoring project of the second power plant of Baotou , put forward a new design concept power...

Authors: Jia Mei Song, Dong Ping Sun, Lei Zhao, Hong Ju Jiang, Chun Lin Zhu

Abstract: Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) are systems that can convert chemical energy into electrical energy by biological oxidation, current effort to...

Authors: Xiu Juan Li, Yong Zheng Wang, Mao Zhen Yue

Abstract: The elemental and phase compositions of cornstalk ash are largely different from that of lean coal ash. In comparison with pure lean coal,...

Authors: Yao Ming Li, Jian Xu, Li Zhang Xu, Zhan Zhao

Abstract: In order to study the working performance of straw baler, this experiment adopts the self-developed test-bed of straw compression and bale....

Authors: Chih Chun Kung

Abstract: In the report 2001 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects that climate could warm by as much as 10º F over the...

Authors: Zhen Lin Wei, Jing Han, Ya Hui Song

Abstract: Facing the tense situation of the world's energy, it is particularly important to develop and utilize environmentally friendly, renewable...

Authors: Xue Tao Duan, Bin Xu, Hao Luo

Abstract: This paper investigated the behaviors of flow and heat transfer of single-phase in rectangular micro-channels with three-dimensional...

Authors: Xue Tao Duan, Hao Luo, Bin Xu, Jian Bin Luo

Abstract: In this paper, Couette flow which is a sort of flow system simplified in MEMS is explored mainly. The corresponding mathematical model has...


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