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Authors: Zhen Hua, Zhen Guo
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:This paper constructs the indicator system for evaluating eco-innovation, and studies the eco-innovation performance of 30 provinces in China...
Authors: Lei Zhang, Jiao Qun Zhu, Wei Bing Zhou
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:In this work, diamond particle (DP), based on its excellent heat transfer property as well as electric insulativity, was adopted to enhance...
Authors: Xiao Liang Guo, Ming Fang Ni, Wang Peng Lin, Xiu Peng Wu
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:LCA is the embodiment and technicalization of sustainable development, is tolerance and technical support of sustainable development....
Authors: Quan Ying Yan, Li Li Jin, Lin Zhang
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:In this paper, the types, properties and selection of phase-change materials used in the wall were evaluated. The feasibility and methods to...
Authors: Wen Tang Xia, Xue Jiao Zhou, Jian Guo Yin
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Based on thermodynamic analysis, the recovery of W, Mo, Cr and V as secondary alloy from high speed steel by silicothermic process were...
Authors: Jun Shi
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:With the consumption of resources and environment deteriorating, Low-Carbon Economy which is low in energy consumption and pollution is...
Authors: Hong Wei Yang, Xiao Liang Guo, Ding Dong Huang, Yang Zhuo Wei
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:As the embedded modernization of military equipment, the equipment sustainable development faces the severe development "bottleneck", mainly...
Authors: Ying Ling Shi, Mei Peng
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:The paper describes the development of economy and electricity in Shanghai, builds a decomposition model of power consumption intensity, and...
Authors: Quan Ying Yan, Li Li Jin
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Solid-solid phase change material can increase the thermal storage capacity of the wall, decrease the indoor temperature fluctuation and...
Authors: Chao Huang, Yan Li, Xiang Hong Lai, Xiao Qin Li
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:This paper studies a two-staged cleaning energy investment problem under uncertainty. It analyzes how a power generation firm may proceed...
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