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Authors: Qing Li, Jian Sheng Zhang
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:By constructing the environmental and economic development model, this paper analyzed the coordinated degree on environment and the economy...
Authors: Peng Yu, Ogidi Stephen Oodo, He Ping Zou, Dong Wang, Hui Sun
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:In this paper, the wind power fluctuation is divided into three categories. For the purpose of balancing all kinds of wind power fluctuation...
Authors: Ji Yun Qin, Eric J. Hu, Graham Nathan
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Using geothermal resources to instead of steam bled form the turbine steam to preheat feed water in a conventional Rankine cycle power...
Authors: Yi Luo, Rong Sheng Ma, Guang Yuan Liu
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Tests an ice storage engineering of library in Yangzhou,measures ice storage capacity, power consumption of refrigerators, ice discharging...
Authors: Yang Chang, Shang Qin Yang
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:As there are physical differences exist in the different factors of production, and have different relationship with the economic growth, so...
Authors: Zhen Jing
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:As one of the border tax adjustments, Carbon tariffs, especially their legality under the framework of WTO rules, have been the focus of...
Authors: Wei He
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:With the fast development of rural tourism, there have been increasing damages and destructions to the ecological environment and tourism...
Authors: Zhi Bin Li, Xi Ju Lu
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Energy efficiency is one important index of a regional economic and social sustainable development strategy. To find some original factors...
Authors: Wei Mo, Meng Xue
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Changchun is an old northeastern industrial city, after the liberation of our country's industrial development has made an outstanding...
Authors: Hui Zuo, Dan Xiang Ai
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:Technology progress is essential to keeping energy supply uninterruptable and maintaining sustainable economic growth. In this paper, we...
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