Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nan Zhu, Bao Ming Li

Abstract: Low-carbon economy is a new path which our country is taking to develop economy. As one of the provinces in the southeast coast of China,...

Authors: Long Jun Xu, Dong Mei Chen, Li Li, Yi Ming Feng

Abstract: Based on the actual data of Xiushan County and Chinese manganese demand, GM (1, 1) model was established to predict the manganese demand....

Authors: Meng Lin Qin, Hong Tao Xu, Bryce Bushman

Abstract: Ecological quality, efficiency, safety, and fairness are the core components of an eco-city. The expansion and contraction of urban...

Authors: Le Anh Tuan Bui, Chun Tsun Chen, Chao Lung Hwang, Mintar Fransiscus

Abstract: The residual RHA from Vietnam is used to test the likely application in cement and concrete. The characteristics, quality and influence of...

Authors: Bao Gao, Ze Qiang Fu, Peng Shen

Abstract: The development of Energy and Coal Chemical Industry Base (ECCIB) is not only the important impetus of the regional economy, but also the...

Authors: Xiao Ping Bai, Lin Lou

Abstract: The materials transportation system with storage bin is widely used in mines, power plants, material yards, and etc. Bin capacity size has...

Authors: Ming Fang Ni, Yang Zhuo Wei, Lu Xi Kang, Zhong Fan

Abstract: Under the background of fact that the shortage situation of present global being severer and severer day by day, the army equipment...

Authors: Kai Kai Hu, Ming Fang Ni, Meng Chun Zhong, Shi Lun Liu

Abstract: With the development of the equipment resources conservation in PLA, the equipment resource-ability is proposed as a basic property of the...

Authors: Qi Li Zhu, Qi Chun Hu, Ke Pan

Abstract: As an effective method of disposal for animal manure, Scientific and economical biogas engineering plays an important role in accelerating...

Authors: Yuk Kuen Wong

Abstract: Sustainable development has evolved to address current-day environmental challenges which are global in nature. This paper outlines...


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