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Authors: Bin Xia Xue, Zhi Qing Zhao, Li Wei
Chapter 5: Storage Technology
Abstract:The collection and utilization of urban rainwater is currently a substantial measure of ecological construction in the city which covers a...
Authors: Yuan Yuan Li, Qi Zhong Liu, Chao Gang Yu
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:In electric machinery performance test, tooth harmonic time-frequency characters of first order of three-phase cage asynchronous motor are...
Authors: Kuo Hsiung Tseng, Yong Fong Shiao, Yu Ting Yeh
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:This study discussed the application of microwave-based heating for the pretreatment of biomass material, and selected Pennisetum purpureum...
Authors: Jun Ling Niu, Lei Liu, Quan Guo Zhang
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:The study on the changes of composition and content reducing sugar of wheat straw after pretreated with composite microbial system for...
Authors: Jing Li, Hai Yang Chen, Xian Feng Qu, You Hai Guan, Juan Li
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:Global warming has led to a lot of extreme weather phenomenon, which brought many disasters to our human being. On the context of the global...
Authors: Jing Yu Ran, Li Juan Liu, Chai Zuo Li, Li Zhang
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:A new type of cyclone combustor is designed based on the traditional pulverized coal liquid slag combustor in this paper. According to the...
Authors: Hong Xia Yang, Chao Zhang
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:As a systems engineering, the primary factor of building energy-saving is determined, and the essential factor's reciprocity is researched,...
Authors: Yang Rui, Lin Xi Jiao
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:The connotation of “amenity value” was elaborated, and its role in improving agricultural production environment and operation pattern,...
Authors: Wei Lun Wang, Jing Chao Xie, Wei Yang, Xiao Ming Ma
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:By means of researching an office building in Beijing area and making simulation analysis on the data concerning energy saving effect of...
Authors: Hayder A. Abdulbari, Rosli Bin Mohd Yunus, Zulkafli Bin Hassan, Wafaa Kamil Mahmood, C Hooi
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:The paper is concerned with an experimental investigation of the drag reduction in turbulent channel flow over the mechanical chain. A...
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