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Authors: Qing Liang, Xin Xin Han, Jing Liu, Gang Xu
Abstract: Reflectance and emittance are both important parameters for reflective coatings. Effects of them on building energy efficiency in hot summer and warm winter zone of china have been evaluated using the simulation software EnergyPlus. The results suggest that both the temperature of the surfaces of reflective coatings and the cooling load decrease as the reflectance and emittance increase, and for building energy efficiency the reflectance and emittance should be as high as possible in this zone.
Authors: Chao Zhang, Jia Yun Dong, Guang Hui Zhou
Abstract: The solar-air compound heat pump system which core component is a three medium composite heat exchanger is a new heat pump system. Compared with the conventional air source heat pump system, the COP of the new dual heat source heat pump system is at least increased by 40%, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. At present, the only dual heat source composite heat exchanger used in heat system is a finned-tube three medium composite heat exchanger. With the heat exchanger, the synchronous heat exchange between a liquid heat source, a gaseous heat source and a refrigerant could be realized, and the performance of the heat pump system could be effectively improved. But the structural defects of the finned-tube three medium composite heat exchanger result in processing difficulty, and it is difficult to form a batch production with the present processing technology. The hidden sealing danger of the heat exchanger also exists. In the paper, a new three medium composite heat exchanger has been designed. The structural flaw of the finned-tube three medium composite heat exchanger has been better avoided. And it makes the process easier and the batch production more convenient.
Authors: Rong Yong Zhao, Jian Wang, Wei Qing Ling
Abstract: Nowadays to save consumption energy with the expected production output is well-known as one of necessary methods to lower the production cost in continuous manufacture industry. Systemic and fine management is changing into a new mode with the less and less energy-saving space relying on the traditional production device optimization for energy-saving can be reached. Energy-saving potential analysis acts a precondition to find the possible energy-saving space in the current production system of a continuous production factory or a company. And it is a challenge for the current factories to analyze the energy-saving potential just based on the information running of the different devices in a continuous production line without a feasible technical solution. Therefore, this paper analyzes the current main application systems in the view of informationization, and then proposes a generalized technical solution for energy-saving potential analysis in continuous production industry.
Authors: Ji Li, Jun Wei, Yong Ping Yang
Abstract: Pulverizing system is the main energy-consumption equipment in coal-fired power plant. In China, coal-fired power plants are obliged to alter operation condition in response to the frequent change of unit load and coal quality, which results in non-standard operation condition and extra energy consumption of pulverization system in consequence. Hence it is of great significance to study energy-saving and optimization of pulverizing system. This paper first analyzes the influence factors on energy consumption of pulverizing system respectively according to literature survey. Due to the large numbers of influence parameters and their complex interactions, these parameters are certain to influence power consumption synergistically in the form of dynamic non-linear variation. This paper groups and defines these parameters into three categories, namely external parameters, constrained parameters, and controlled parameters. Based on the definition, the general model considering all the three groups of parameters is proposed, which considers all the influence factors for energy consumption under all unit conditions. Subsequently, the energy-saving and optimization proposal for the pulverizing system are proposed.
Authors: De Hong Xia, Ling Ren, Han Bing Bi
Abstract: In order to prolong the service life of reduction jar and reduce the production cost in the magnesium metallurgical industry, the structure of the horizontal Mg-reduction jar is improved in this paper, where the reduction jars with pentagonal and hexagonal cross section are designed, and the creep deformation of the jars are simulated by ABAQUS software. Through the comparison of the traditional jar with the improved jars in the creep stress and the creep displacement, it is found that the intensity is highest and the creep displacement smallest in the same service period for the pentagon jar. Considering the failure by creep, the service life of pentagon jar is longest. Therefore, the pentagon jar is put into the practical production for further verification. It is shown that the service life of the jar improves from less than 90 days up to more than 120 days, and the rate of output for a single jar is stable and improved by 12%.
Authors: De Hong Xia, Ling Ren, Liang Ze Chen
Abstract: The magnesium slag is rich in Ca, Mg, Si elements, in which most of the arable land in China is deficient. Based on this, a new process for producing calcium-magnesium-sulfur-silicon(Ca-Mg-S-Si) fertilizer with magnesium slag is put forward by grinding and acid treatment. It is indicated from the trial production test that the optimum grinding diameter is about 60μm to producing the Ca-Mg-S-Si fertilizer, where the content of effective ingredient is more than 40%. Furthermore, pot experiments are carried out by choosing the maize and the radish as research objects. It is shown that the efficiency of self-made fertilizer is better than similar secondary-nutrients fertilizer on the market, which has the advantages of improving the lodging resistance ability, promoting the growing in later stage, and greatly reducing growing period of crops. Therefore, the application of the new technology for producing Ca-Mg-S-Si fertilizer by magnesium slag has tremendous economic and social benefits.
Authors: Ding Hua Zhang, Huan Bin Liu, Ji Geng Li
Abstract: According to Multi-Agent network topology of the globe energy node in papermaking dryer section, the optimal algorithms of each part of sheet for energy consumption node Agent is designed through the mentality of designing. And multi-Agent contract net protocol is improved based on the gambling solution of mixed linear complementary problem. The overall steam saving optimization can be achieved by coordinated and local optimization and globe energy balance of each energy node for the four group of paper drying process.
Authors: Ding Hua Zhang, Huan Bin Liu, Ji Geng Li
Abstract: According to each subsystem of its own energy-consumption characteristics in paper machine dryer section, taking heat transfer in the dryer section as paramount, the stepwise recovery and optimal use of steam as the target to decompose the multi-Agent energy consumption network. It’s combined with optimal strategies of decomposition and coordination in the process of energy integrated optimization, the divisional principle of Agent functional specifications, the structure and performance of computer network systems. The paper discussed the energy network topology of multi Agent overall nodes in paper machine dryer section that provide the foundation for research on the Energy-saving Optimization Coordination Model Based on Muti-Agent for Papermaking Drying Process.
Authors: Lin Zhang, Juan Li, Ying Li
Abstract: Along with the rapid development of urbanization, the energy problem is increasingly prominent. Based on CES production function and growth function of urbanization, this paper put forward the model of Growth Drag of China's Urbanization Caused by energy, and empirical analysis with the data of China was done. The results showed that the growth drag of energy during urbanization process in China is 0.2692,in other words, because of the restriction of energy, urbanization process declines 0.2692.From the results, the Growth Drag of China's Urbanization Caused by energy is very high. Ensure that energy security supply has become one of the important tasks for our country at present.
Authors: Zhi Guang Dong, Zhi Hui Dong
Abstract: The effects of an ununiform electric field on bubble behaviours such as bubble growth ,deformation and detachment are investigated experimentally.Experimental results show that the bubble elongated along the direction of the electric field.The bubble’s aspect ratio is increased with the increasing of electric field intensity and the ellipse sphere shape is more evident than without electric field,while its departure volume is decreased with that.The case is the bubble comes under the electric stress.The electric stress compressed the bubble in the equatorial direction and extened the bubble along the axial direction.The bubble behaviours influenced in the ununiform electric field is more evident than the uniform electric field.

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