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Authors: Jun Ji, Yi Ping Lu, Jian Zhong Cha, Yao Dong Cui, Ling Jun Kong
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:This paper presents an algorithm for two-stage homogenous strip patterns for rectangular pieces. The algorithm is appropriate for the...
Authors: Yu Chung Liao, Shen Tsao Hung, Jau Huai Lu
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:A new type of rotary Stirling engine for exhaust energy recovery is introduced in this paper. This engine is constructed by two eccentric...
Authors: Anyaporn Boonmahitthisud, Saowaroj Chuayjuljit
Chapter 6: Energy-Saving Technology
Abstract:The blended latex of natural rubber (NR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) at dry weight ratio of 80/20 (NR/SBR) was reinforced with a very...
Authors: Chang Hua Shang, Shun Ni Zhu, Zhen Hong Yuan, Zhong Ming Wang
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:The vast majority of photosynthetic organisms utilize monovinyl chlorophyll for their photosynthetic reactions. For the biosynthesis of...
Authors: Ming Guang Zheng, Xian Yang Zeng, Zuo He Chi, Gong Gang Sun, Guang Xue Zhang, Jin Qing Wang
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:To investigate the mixing uniformity between tracer gas and gas stream in the duct, numerical simulations of the CO tracer gas and air mixing...
Authors: Hong Mei
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:A new sliding mode variable structure controller is proposed. First, aiming at improving the convergence speed, a new nonlinear sliding mode...
Authors: Hua Xin Zhang, Hai Ying Liu
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:The traditional opinions regard energy as the main factor for the economic development, but not the key one, because there are different...
Authors: Xi Shun Zhang, Xiao Dong Wu, Shu Qin Ma
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:In-situ combustion (fire flooding) is one of important methods to improve heavy oil recovery ratio, utilizing the reservoir itself heavy...
Authors: Fan Yang, Hao Li
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:Variable structure control (VSC) has the ability of overcoming chattering and external disturbance. In this paper the temperature control...
Authors: Ying Qiang Xu, Lei Lei Wang, Qiong Wei Zhang
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:The most commonly used Micro tubular solid oxide fuel cell (MT-SOFC) anode material is a two phase nickel and yttria stabilized zirconia...
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