Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Li, You Hong Sun, Xin Fang

Abstract: Abstract. As a high efficiency, low consumption and clean energy, ground source heat pump technology has been pay more and more attention,...

Authors: Jing Chao Xie, Wei Lun Wang, Yoshino Hiroshi

Abstract: In this paper, a year filed survey has been conducted in eighty households which are located in six different climatic districts in Japan...

Authors: Ping Ma, Wei Yang Diao

Abstract: This paper studies the effects of Chinese relative domestic oil prices on net processing exports. Using a set of monthly data ranging from...

Authors: Wei Chen

Abstract: In this paper through the use of literature, survey visit and other methods, the author studies the development status of national fitness...

Authors: Zi Guan Zhou, Xiao Shan Pan, Shu Gang Yin, Wei Li Ren, Sheng Bo Sun, Yang Wang

Abstract: With the development of the smart grid, residential electricity services have a higher bandwidth and frequency requirement to the power...

Authors: Jing Hong Yao

Abstract: Vacuum is an important economic indicator of influencing turbine load and thermal efficiency. And heat transfer efficiency affects the level...

Authors: Naseer A. Madlool, Rahman Saidur, Hafdih H. Mohammed, Khalid H. Solangi, Nasrudin A. Rahim

Abstract: Industrial development has lead to higher energy consumption, and emission of greenhouse gases. Cement industry plays an important role in...

Authors: Yu Mei Wang, Ran Liu

Abstract: In this paper, micro-grid operation modes exist in different supply reliability, stability and new energy efficiency and other issues, on...

Authors: Rong Yong Zhao, Jian Wang, Wei Qing Ling

Abstract: In continuous production industry, to develop energy-saving technology, an essential modeling method should be selected to reflect both...

Authors: Hong Hua Ge, Jie Ting Tao, Xiao Ming Gong, Cheng Jun Wei, Xue Min Xu

Abstract: Abstract: The effect of electromagnetic treatment on corrosion behavior of carbon steel and stainless steel in simulated cooling water was...


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