Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Rui Ju, Qiu Na Cui

Abstract: This paper is based on the BIN metrological data and calculates the cold and heat load of the building.According to the performance...

Authors: Hua Liu, Rong He, Qi Zhong Tan, Zhi Huang, Yan Peng Qi, Kang Zhong Ding, Miao Miao Zhou

Abstract: In order to research effects of storage conditions on physical properties of cut tobacco, storage temperature, storage humidity and storage...

Authors: Xing Jia Liu

Abstract: According to the characteristics and difficulties of the soft-base coat drying, the approach of solving the temperature sensitivity through...

Authors: Chang Hai Du, Yan Shen, Lin Ping Sun, Xiang Chun Meng

Abstract: A novel solid base catalyst, structured MgO/Al2O3-Al catalyst packing, was prepared by supporting MgO onto a thin film...

Authors: Jing Zhao, Yin Bai

Abstract: Cho Dongsung’s “nine factors model” highlighted and enlarged the importance of “manpower” factor in the forming of competitive power. Based...

Authors: Xiao Hua Liu, Guo Jian Cao, Sheng Qiang Shen, Guang Bin Zhao

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical analysis on parallel feed LT-MED desalination system with thermal vapor compressor which is helpful to the...

Authors: Yan Yue Lu, An Ping Liao

Abstract: The large multi-chiller system is commonly used in the semiconductor factories and electronics factories, it is one of the department...

Authors: Bing Jiang, Ping Liu, Li Juan Chen, Xiang Lin Li, Chi Feng, Xiao Hui Xu

Abstract: Enabling technologies for wireless sensor networks have gained considerable attention in research communities over the past few years. With...

Authors: Yong Chun Shi, Jie Li, Xuan You Li, Jing Wu, Mao Gang Wu, Sheng Li, Hong Yao Wang, Gai Ju Zhao, Feng Jiao Yin

Abstract: This paper applies super-heated steam drying technology to improve the quality of lignite. A unique experimental system was built up. In...

Authors: Bin Jian Chen, Lin Cheng, Zhao Hong Fang

Abstract: In order to attain the higher efficiency, SOFC(solid oxide fuel cell) is used in a cogeneration system. This paper first introduces the...


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