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Authors: Dan Luo, Guan Qing Wang, Xue Feng Huang, Jiang Rong Xu
Chapter 7: Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Abstract:Intermediate temperature SOFC anode/electrolyte plates are made by pechini methods. The structural property of GDC anodes in IT-SOFC was...
Authors: Shu Ting Qi, Yu Xin Shi, Ming Dong, Hong Qing Wu, Di Mu
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Methods currently used for the quantitative determination of total lipids and fatty acid composition in plant require solvent extraction....
Authors: Hua Chen, Ren Qing Wang, Tong Xue, Jian Liu
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:The paper reviewed the research trends on ecosystem services in China based on the searching of ISI web of knowledge. After assessing the...
Authors: Xiang Li, Stuart I. Bailey
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:An electrochemical cell and environmental chamber were developed to study corrosion in a simulated splash zone. The designs of the dual...
Authors: Wei Li Hou
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:This document analyses change of air quality of Wuhan basing on Urban Air Quality Daily Report (UAQDP) data during 2001-2010. The paper...
Authors: Xiu Lan Song, Wei Feng Yao, Yi Ping Wu
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:A photocatalytic process combined with ammonia-water method was developed for flue gas desulfurization. With the photocatalytic technology we...
Authors: Zhen Wu, Nyallang Nyamsi Serge, Ze Wei Bao, Zao Xiao Zhang
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:This paper introduces the theoretical model of mechanical alloying. In view of the varied angle in the actual impact process, the Gauss...
Authors: Guang Zhi Yang, Jia Ni Xuan, Dong Feng Li, Han Xun Qiu, Jun He Yang
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin coated graphitized needle coke was synthesized by mixing graphitized needle coke with PF alcohol solution,...
Authors: Ming Dong Zheng, Ru Chun Li, Xiao Jun He, Xian Ping Dong, Ping Hua Ling, Nan Zhao, Xiao Yong Zhang, Mo Xin Yu, Ming Bo Wu
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Activated carbon (AC) was prepared from lignite by microwave heating ZnCl2. The pore structure parameters of AC are characterized by nitrogen...
Authors: Yong Ping Wan, Liang Liang Fan
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Voided charged Polypropylene films have very large piezoelectric d33 coefficient and have emerged as a kind of novel electromechanical...
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