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Authors: Qing Yin Zhang, Dong Lai Qi
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Natural gas (methane is the primary constituent) adsorbed on nanoporous materials is a promising alternative to compressed natural gas as a...
Authors: Ke Sheng Wang, Ming Chen
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Ocean wave power is emerging as a particularly attractive form of renewable energy. Dielectric Electric Active Polymers (DEAP) have has been...
Authors: Yan Jun Wei, Guang Chuan Liang, Li Wang, Xiu Qin Ou
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Olivine LiFe1−xMnxPO4/C composites were prepared by high temperature solid phase method using MnO2, NH4H2PO4, Li2CO3, FeC2O4•2H2O, glucose as...
Authors: Ying Qiu Xu, Guang Chuan Liang, Li Wang
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:The spinel nano-Li4Ti5O12 was prepared by hydrothermal reaction method. The crystal structure, morphology and charge/discharge capacities...
Authors: Li Wang, Xiao Fei Jie, Guang Chuan Liang, Xiu Qin Ou
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:LiFePO4/C composite cathode material prepared by carbothermal reduction method was coated by metal oxide MnO2, Al2O3, CuO, respectively, by a...
Authors: Ya Jun Yang, Xian Yun Liu, Xu Dong Wang, Mei Ping Jiang, Xian Feng Chen, Ji Ma, Xing Fang Jiang, Yuan Ming Huang
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Cobblestone-like CoSb3 nanoparticle films have been achieved via a catalyst-free vapor transport growth technique. The thermoelectric...
Authors: Ren Qing Wang, Mei Gen Deng
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Superscript text Commercial activated carbon was modified by surface treatment using nitric acid, The modified carbons were...
Authors: Bao Feng Wang, Chun Yan Lai, Xi Ping Zhu, De Yong Huang
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:A facile solid state method based chemical grinding method was applied to prepare high rate LiFePO4. SEM test results showed that...
Authors: Xin Xin Zhang, Da Lv, Chun Ma, Mang Xue
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:In this paper, synthesis of RuO2 with uniform nanosized sphere-like morphologies by ultrasonic precipitation using ammonia is...
Authors: Xiao Yu Pan, Lin Jun Wang, Jian Huang, Ke Tang, Mei Bi, Wei Min Shi, Yi Ben Xia
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Diamond film can be used as optical window materials, mask materials and coating materials of optical device and solar cells. Diamond films...
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