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Authors: Aleksander Gil, Zbigniew Żurek, Adam Stawiarski, Jarosław Dąbek
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:Surface treatment of TiAl alloys by the small amounts of halogens leads to the formation of the protective alumina scale. The halogens can be...
Authors: Dong Li, Fang Lian, Wei Hua Qiu, Fu Shen Li, Kuo Chih Chou
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:The cathode materials 0.3Li2MnO3•0.7LiMnxNixFe(1-2x)/2O2(0.35≤x≤0.5) were synthesized via low-heating solid-state reaction method. The...
Authors: Chun Yan Lai, Jing Jing Xu, Yong Feng Wei
Chapter 8: Energy Materials
Abstract:A safe lithium-ion battery system of Li4Ti5O12/LiFePO4 was prepared, the solid electrolyte interface on the surface of Li4Ti5O12 electrode...
Authors: Hai Bo Jiang, Yun Peng Zhao, Yan Ru Li
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:To develop and take advantage of wind energy resources in the South China Sea's coral reefs, the paper discussed the situation of local wind...
Authors: Rui Gu, Jing Lei Xu, Yong Bo Yang
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:With the requirement of renewable energy and sustainable development, green energy resources are more and more fashionable and focused. Among...
Authors: Shuang Chen Ma, Wei Liu, Xin Jin, Yi Jing Jin
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The influences of different catalysts added to the activated carbon were studied for reducing energy consumption and enhancing reaction...
Authors: Chang Xu, Yan Yan, De You Liu, Yuan Zheng, Chen Qi Li
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:In order to increase wind energy utilization efficiency by the optimization of the wind farm micro sitting, a method which could calculate...
Authors: Xiao Lan Wang, Qian Cheng Chen
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Wind power forecast is of great significance for power grid operation and scheduling. The effection of historical time series of output power...
Authors: Peng Zhao, Wen Yi Li, Xuan He, Xin Yao, Yin Sha Wang, Xin Liu, Yan Wang
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Aims at the small wind generations output voltage fluctuation problems, according to the characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous...
Authors: Jin Ling Zhao, Da Cheng Wang, Dong Yan Zhang, Ju Hua Luo, Wen Jiang Huang
Chapter 9: Energy Chemical Engineering
Abstract:This paper aims to investigate the soil fertility of Shunyi District’s cropland combing remote sensing and ground census data based on the...
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