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Authors: Hong Ying Ren, Pei Ting Sun, Tong Li, Gui Tao Wu, Lian Zhong Huang
Abstract: In order to research on the disturbance characteristics of marine diesel engine with wing-assisted system, mathematical models of ship, diesel engine, propeller and wing were established. Disturbance characteristics of marine diesel engine which using the wing-assisted system was simulated by matlab/simulink software. The output torque and speed curves of the marine diesel engine at different conditions were obtained, by inputting different wing thrust fluctuation signal. The results can provide some reference value to the wing-assisted technology in the application of ocean transport ships, and which has a certain dominating significance for dynamic coupling of diesel-wing ship.
Authors: Xian Bu Jia, Li Kun Zhou
Abstract: In the experiments of microwave radiation sludge, the method of air floating, settlement and centrifugal separation are employed to research the demulsification effect of sludge comparative. Results show that: A perfect demulsification effect can be obtained when the radiation intensity is 2w/g, sludge PH value is 2, radiation time is 3-4min, slurry ratio is 1:3 and the oil sludge is processed by microwave.
Authors: Hui Qiao Gao, Li Na Guo
Abstract: Abstract. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) were a systematic approach to identify and prevent hazards by constructing control system. The principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system and its application to urban water supply system were introduced. The critical limits, monitoring system and corrective actions for the CCPs were established, and improves the capability of quality control and risk management in the processes of wastewater to ensure human health and ecology.
Authors: Qi Wang
Abstract: In order to estimate the adaptability of the diesel combustor, the combustion characteristics of pure diesel and emulsions of bio-oil and diesel (with 5wt% and 50wt% bio-oil contents) were investigated by numerical simulation method. The factors including ignition delay, temperature distribution and combustion components distribution in the combustor were studied. The combustion characteristics of 5wt% bio-oil emulsion were nearly consistent with those of pure diesel. The only minor difference was that its ignition delayed slightly to the upstream. In contrast, 50wt% bio-oil emulsion had different performences in the combustor, whose ignition was shortly delayed.
Authors: Chen Wei Chao, Fong Yeu Shyr
Abstract: The restriction of geographic characteristics resulted in difficulties relating to industry development. The development of tourism industry will be main trend for eastern Taiwan in the future. Evidence from studies suggested that the development of transportation infrastructures has significant positive consequences on tourism activities. However, the rapid growth of tourism industries consequently brings negative impacts on nature, societies, and cultures. The construction of Su- Hua Highway is always a controversial issue in Taiwan. Supporters of the construction indicated that the highway would bring Hualien economic prosperity, social stability, and employment; while opposition groups have questioned the necessity of the highway, claiming that highway construction goes against plans for sustainable development of the Taiwan east coast. Considering mass tourism as a reality of our contemporary life that cannot be neglected by current efforts to endorse sustainable tourism, this paper draws attention to the definition of "sustainable". Aiming to facilitate a constructive debate on the matter, the article presents a few of the most important arguments that underscore the potential for Hualen in promoting sustainable tourism.
Authors: Laura L. Machuca, Stuart I. Bailey, Rolf Gubner
Abstract: A range of stainless steels has been investigated for resistance to microbiologically influenced corrosion in seawater. The corrosion potential was monitored for stainless steel coupons exposed to sterilized seawater and to microbiologically active seawater, which showed the effect of the growth of microorganisms. Cyclic potentiodynamic polarization scans confirmed that 13%Cr stainless steel is very susceptible to localized corrosion under these conditions. 316L stainless steel was also quite susceptible to localized corrosion, whereas 2205 duplex stainless displayed good resistance to localized corrosion. Naturally occurring microorganisms in the seawater were shown to exacerbate the localized corrosion.
Authors: Hai Min Su, Ai Xia He, Gang Fang
Abstract: This paper established the comprehensive evaluation system of urban land intensive use from land use investment and output benefit, land use intensity and land use ecological benefit etc. Based onthe statistical data of land use, using principal component analysis, this paper made comprehensive evaluation on the intensive land-use level of 17 cities in Anhui Province from 2004 to 2009 , analyzed the changing situation in space and time. The results showed: (1)The level of urban land intensive use of Anhui Province constantly improved from 2004 to 2009, increasing more than 2 times of the intensive land-use level; (2)the level of urban land intensive use had significant regional differences, the south of the Huaihe River cities having the higher level, and the north of the Huaihe River cities having the lower level; (3)economic development level is the most important external factor affecting the level of urban land intensive use. The level of urban land intensive use is higher in developed areas, such as Hefei , Ma Anshan and Wuhu than other areas.
Authors: Ge Liu, Ming Qiang Huang
Abstract: It is not only a complicate system of energy-saving construction in towns and villages housing,but also a long and arduous task. With the process of urbanization was further development and the aim of building new socialist countryside was proposed, the development of towns and villages housing construction was very rapid. It is important to ensure that the appropriate energy-saving was chose by according to the actual needs of towns and villages housing and use the suitable assessment system to evaluate energy-saving technologies to improve the overall lever of towns and villages housing. Combine with the actual situation about the using of energy-saving technology in towns and villages housing in China, from the advanced, economy and feasible of technology and the sustainability of project to establish the energy efficiency technology assessment system on towns and villages housing, and used AHP to determine weights, in order to provide reference for better promote the development of towns and villages housing.
Authors: Ke Zhang, Xiao Yu Zhao, Shu Li Liu, Zhong Qiu Cao, Hui Zhang
Abstract: Mg(NH2)2 was synthesized by first high energy milling MgH2 powder in a 99.995% NH3 atmosphere and then heat treating at 300oC, and hydrogen storage properties of prepared Mg(NH2)2+2.2LiH (molar ratio) had been studied in the temperature range of 150-240oC. It was found that mechanical milling of Mg (NH2)2 and LiH with molar ratio 1:2.2 followed by heat treatment under static hydrogen pressure and dehydrogenating at 208.5oC yields the desired reversible hydrogen storage phase: Li2Mg(NH)2. Desorption kinetics reveal a rapid reaction for the system and the maximum hydrogen capacity can reach 4.6 wt. % at 208.5oC. The system starts to dehydrogenate at 150oC and the Arrhenius activation energy Ea of desorption reaction can be determined to be 25.8 kJ/mol H2 based on the data of kinetics. Additionally, the desorption reaction enthalpy (H) and entropy (S) are calculated to be 42.8 kJ/mol H2 and 149.2 J. K-1/ mol H2 respectively from PCI measurements.
Authors: Xi Rong Chen, Zao Ming Chen, Wei Ming Lin
Abstract: Ru/Al2O3 catalysts with various La2O3 contents were synthesized by impregnation method. The catalysts were tested for selective CO oxidation and characterized by X-ray diffraction, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive spectroscopy, and H2 temperature-programmed reduction. The effects of La addition into Ru/Al2O3 catalysts on structure and performance were investigated. Results show that higher CO conversions (>99%) and CO2 selectivity are obtained at 110–170 °C on RuLa/Al2O3. La doping promotes the dispersion of Ru species, thereby enhancing catalytic activity. The analysis reveals that the modification of La2O3 is favorable for the formation of active Ru species with good dispersion and enhanced selective CO oxidation.

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