Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Zhi Wei Li, Xu Xiang, Zong Min Tian

Abstract: The synthesis of α-nickel hydroxide has been achieved via a facile liquid-phase precipitation approach, using the mixed solvents of ethylene...

Authors: Ju Hua Xiong, Xiao Yong Kou, Fang Liu, Ming Jing Jiang

Abstract: Methane hydrate is ice-like clathrate compound that attracts global attention due to its huge potential as a future energy source. The...

Authors: Jiang Feng Gong, Chang Yong Lan, Bo Zhang, Kai Xiao Zhang, Wei Hua Zhu

Abstract: In the present work, ZnO nanostructures with tunable size were successfully synthesized on non-seeded Cu substrates by a simple...

Authors: Bao Jun Zhang, Bu Wei Yu, Gang Wang, Jian Zhong Li, Si Han Wang, Xian Ming Xu, Gui Zhi Wang

Abstract: Novel diphoshinoamine(PNRNP) ligands have been used in ethylene oligomerization with Cr(III) compounds and cocatalyst. The results indicate...

Authors: Tai Lv, Kun Lu, Li Jing Song

Abstract: At present, for the most part of new construction Coal-fired units desulfurization system has canceled the GGH system in our country, using...

Authors: Yang Li, Ming Xian Liu, Li Hua Gan, Liang Yang, Zi Jie Xu, Xiao Gang Wang, Long Wu Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we demonstrated the synthesis and electrochemical properties of carbon foams for use as supercapacitor electrode materials....

Authors: H. Z. Cui, G. F. Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, a phase-change-material/lightweight aggregate (PCM-LWA) composite thermal energy storage material was prepared by absorbing...

Authors: Ai Jun Han, Li Ya Zhang, Ming Quan Ye, Dong Sheng Hu, Hou He Chen

Abstract: Nanocrystalline CoxZn1-xCr2O4 (x=0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.95, and 1) was...

Authors: Liang Yang, Ming Xian Liu, Li Hua Gan, Yang Li, Xiao Ping Wang, Zi Jie Xu, Long Wu Chen

Abstract: In this paper, we demonstrated the preparation and electrochemical performance of mesoporous carbon foams as electrode materials for...

Authors: Yang Huan Zhang, Xiao Gang Liu, Le Le Chen, Hui Ping Ren, Guo Fang Zhang, Dong Liang Zhao

Abstract: The nanocrystalline and amorphous Mg2Ni-type Mg20Ni10-xMnx (x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) alloys were synthesized by melt-spinning technique. The...


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