Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Xiang Yang Jin, Li Li Zhao, Tie Feng Zhang, Xiang Yi Guan, Zhi Hui Sun

Abstract: This paper used the method of non-symmetric fuzzy optimization design for the fuzzy optimization design of pressure angle and addendum...

Authors: Ping Ai, Yuan Yuan Wang, Yan Lin Zhang, Wu Li, Shui Ping Yan

Abstract: The anaerobic digestion is an efficient utilization way of crop residues and alkali pretreatment are often used to enhance the degradation....

Authors: Jing Shuang Shen, Chuan Wen Jiang, Yu Jiao Liu, Wei Jun Yun

Abstract: This paper analyzes the construction and control principle of Thyristor Switched Capacitor(TSC) and Active Power Filter(APF) integrated...

Authors: Yi Peng Feng, Quan Guo Zhang, Jian Jun Hu, Yi Wang

Abstract: This article mainly studies the effect of pretreatment in high temperature on reducing sugar content in cow dung waste water in different...

Authors: Zi Lin Song, Jia Jia Qin, Gai He Yang, Yong Zhong Feng, Guang Xin Ren

Abstract: China is a large agricultural country that has abundant biomass resource which can be generated biogas for heating and lighting. To improve...

Authors: Lei Zhou, Ming Jia, Chun Long Xu, Qiang Zhou, Jun Han

Abstract: In this study the dynamic Smagorinsky model (DSM model) and an algebraic model for the subgrid turbulent kinetic energy have been...

Authors: Yu Ying Li, Bing Xue Dong, Zhi Quan, Ji Bao Chen, Jing Liu, Zong Jun Cui, Xu Cheng

Abstract: The object of this study is to provide the scientific basis of biogas industry with agricultural residue straws as energy biomass. The...

Authors: Bing Ge, Shu Sheng Zang, Pei Qing Guo

Abstract: This paper focuses on investigating the characteristic modes and structures in non-premixed swirling methane/air flames. Using the Particle...

Authors: Mei Chun Peng, Xiao Feng Liang, Chao Min Xu, Yi Qing Lin

Abstract: Three reasons of the deviation of the fuel injection quantity for the electronic fuel injection (EFI) motorcycle engine during the transient...

Authors: Jian Zhang Lu, Mei Lin Cui, Shan Shan Du, Lu Yang, Qin Guo, Hui Ruan, Guo Qing He

Abstract: Endo-1,4-β-xylanase (E.C. is a family of glycoside hydrolase. It is capable of hydrolyzing the backbone of substituted xylan...


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