Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Fei Wang, Xiao Qing Xiao, Hong Shan Zhao

Abstract: The Time Series method and Statistical Process Control strategy is applied to predict failures of wind turbine gearboxes. First, based on...

Authors: Feng Tai Zhang, La Chun Wang, Wei Ci Su, Yu Hua Liang, Ji Xin Shao, Chun Fen Zeng

Abstract: The domestic and foreign evaluations of ecosystem service value are difficult to draw on results accepted by the public and academia. This...

Authors: Jing Jian Zhu, Long Lu, Jian Xin Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the effects of operating parameters such as UV light wavelength, initial pH, reaction temperature and hydrogen peroxide...

Authors: Yi Huai Hu, Xiang Ming Zeng, Song Yue Li

Abstract: A kind of novel airfoil sail is proposed in this paper based on the research of traditional arc wing sails. The aerodynamic characteristic-...

Authors: Wen Bi Guan, Yong Qian Ma, Hong Yan Zhang

Abstract: The dissipation dynamics and final residues of fluopyram in cucumber and soil were studied. Cucumber and soil samples were extracted with...

Authors: Wei Li, Hong Li Sun, Zuo Xia Xing, Lei Chen

Abstract: Load fluctuation of wind turbine under tower shadow was researched,introducing individual pitch control. First,establish the linear...

Authors: Quan Hu, Zhi Hong Wang, Yan Guo, Dan Gao

Abstract: The research treats the lakes of the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center(HEMC) as the main research objects. According to the...

Authors: Xiao Yu Dong, Hai Bao, Lin Zhao, Lei Liu, Yong Hua Li

Abstract: With the intermittent and randomness of wind power,the power system needs to arrange certain spinning reserve capacity in response to wind...

Authors: Xin Liu, Wen Yi Li, Wen Li Wang, Xi Yuan Yan, Peng Zhao, Yin Sha Wang

Abstract: As the influenced factors on the maximum power injection plays an important role in synchronization of wind power, this paper is based on...

Authors: Run Chen, Yong Qin

Abstract: CO2 storage in coal seam is the important way of reducing CO2 emission into atmosphere and enhancing coal-bed methane...


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