Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Jing Hao, Yong Xiang Zhang, Qi Jing, Guo Feng Ning

Abstract: Given the ambiguity of the type and classification in groundwater quality standards, this paper based on fuzzy mathematics theory, take TDS,...

Authors: Gen Hai Zhu, Li Hong Chen, Mao Jin, Pei Song Yu, Zi Lin Liu

Abstract: The relationship between phytoplankton abundance, Chl a concentration and environmental factors was analyzed on the investigation data in...

Authors: Hong Xiang Wang, Yi Shi, Jian Ma, Cai Yan Lu, Xin Chen

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted to study the characteristics of non-point source nitrogen (N) in the surface runoff from sloping croplands...

Authors: Hai Jing Duan, Zhi Qi Tong, Jian Hua Ma

Abstract: Sixteen tree-rings of Polar (P. Euramericana) were collected in the different function districts of Kaifeng City, China. Concentrations of...

Authors: Bei Bei Zhang, Song Chen, Lin Bao, Bin Zhang, Rong Shao

Abstract: Ti/Sn1–xIrxO2 electrodes were prepared on titanium substrates by thermal decomposition method. The structure and the surface morphologies of...

Authors: Hua Jiao, Shao Hua Wang, Jun Ting Ma, Yi Gong Zhang

Abstract: In order to better research wind power generation technology in the laboratory, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the wind turbine....

Authors: Zhi Chao Lan, Lin Tao Hu, Yin Xue, De Liang Zen

Abstract: An increasing number of large wind turbines with a variable-speed variable pitch control mechanism are developed to improve the response...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhang, Dong Liang Li, Yu Liu, He Len Wu, Jian Xing Ren, Wei Guo Pan

Abstract: Fluctuating wind speed spectrum, which is closer to the actual working conditions, was simulated by davenport wind speed model, and...

Authors: Jian Ping Sun, Lin Tao Hu

Abstract: Based on the single kernel function relevance vector machine(RVM) models,a multiple load-forecasting model has been established and...

Authors: Rong Fu, Bao Yun Wang, Wan Peng Sun

Abstract: With increasing installation capacity and wind farms penetration, wind power plays more important role in power systems, and the modeling of...


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