Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Chen, Bin Cai, Xiao Li Dai, Chun Mao Chen, Shao Hui Guo

Abstract: Spinning effluents (SE) from dry-spun acrylic fiber manufacturing are hard to degrade due to the containing of vast dimethyl formamide...

Authors: Xi Li, Jian Zhu, Fu Jian Lv, Jin Guo Wang, Zong Li Xie, Manh Hoang, He Xing Li

Abstract: Two kinds of SnS2 materials were prepared through the hydrothermal route, respectively using thioacetamide (TAA) and thiourea as...

Authors: Qiang Lu, Shu Hua Su, Shi Ye Fen, Wei Liang Cheng, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: A series of V2O5/WO3/TiO2 plate catalysts were prepared via the incipient wetness impregnation...

Authors: Yuan Liang, Xiao Chun Wang, Xin De Cao, Ling Zhao

Abstract: The objective of this study is to immobilize Pb, Cu, and Zn in a multi-metal contaminated soil using triple superphosphate fertilizer (TSP)...

Authors: Jun Liu, Yu Guo Zhuo

Abstract: New green theory is put forward that indoor air pollution is controlled by overall process based on the residential interior decoration and...

Authors: Lin Zhi Zhai, Qin Zhong, Xin Rong Wang

Abstract: Experiments were performed on the packed tower with 150mm diameter and 2800mm high to study the wet flue gas desulfurization continuously....

Authors: Yan Zhen Yang, Ren Jie Sun, Yu Cheng Wu, Li Tao, Cheng Wu Shi

Abstract: A series of binuclear metal (II) phthalocyanine hexasulphonates, (M-M)Pc, including (Co-Co)Pc, (Co-Zn)Pc, (Co-Mn)Pc, (Zn-Zn)Pc, (Zn-Mn)Pc...

Authors: Fang He, Aya Obara, Shi Long Wang, Li Guo Wang

Abstract: The vertical and horizontal distribution of NPEOn and their metabolites of NP and NPEnC in the Upper Nansi Lake, North China were...

Authors: Chun Mei Guo, Jin Fu Chen, Zhong Zhi Zhang, Li Jun Zhao

Abstract: Hybrid biofilm reactor has become a technically as well as economically feasible option for treatment of industrial wastewater. This article...

Authors: Ching Hsing Lin, Yao Chuan Lee, Yi Hao Chien, Wei Ming Tseng

Abstract: Given the low cost of their components and their demonstrated reliable efficiencies, dye-sensitized techniques based on the titanium dioxide...


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