Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Xia Cui, Heng Jie Du, Tao Yang, Shou Quan Hou, Yu Zhu Zhao

Abstract: Nowadays, huge quantity and various kinds of municipal solid waste (MSW) are collected mixing together without separating in China. There...

Authors: Bao Guo Fan, Yan Jin, Xian Rong Zheng, Xiao Lei Qiao, Xu Tao Wang

Abstract: An experimental study has been performed on the desulfurization performance of the original magnesium slag (from the process of magnesium...

Authors: Yuan Li, Shou Xu Song, Guang Fu Liu, Tao Liu

Abstract: The efficient reclamation of printed circuit board (PCB) is of important significance to environmental protection, optimal configuration of...

Authors: Jian Dong Guo, Xiang Dong Li, Guo Jun Wu, Zhi Chao Wang, Jun Ke Song, Qi Yan Feng

Abstract: In the paper, magnetic flocculation was used in high turbidity mine water treatment. The results show that the magnetic flocculation is one...

Authors: Qun Shao, Hui Xu, Min Man Tong, Sen Li

Abstract: In this paper, the Huainan No.1 Sewage treatment plant's dehydrated sewage sludge and the power plant fly ash have been taken as the main...

Authors: Hui Xu, Qun Shao, Jia Zhou, Xiao Cheng Ma

Abstract: Water treatment ceramic particles were prepared using dewatered life sludge in Huainan No.1 Sewage treatment plant and power plant fly ash...

Authors: Yang Min Zhou, Chao Li, Li Li Xu, Si Yi Luo, Chui Jie Yi

Abstract: Based on the comprehensive experimental test-bed of blast furnace slag waste heat recovery, we study the impacts which are caused by the...

Authors: Fan Sheng Meng, Hao Ran Yuan

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics and the present disposal state, trend of organic solid waste have been described. Four new technologies...

Authors: Jian Wang, Ye Qiu, Jing Liu

Abstract: To learn differences between Chinese domestic and imported paper-process reconstituted tobacco (RT), their physical properties and chemical...

Authors: Juliana De Carvalho Izidoro, Denise Alves Fungaro, Shao Bin Wang

Abstract: A Brazilian fly ash sample (CM1) was used to synthesize zeolites by hydrothermal treatment. Products and raw materials were characterized in...


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