Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wan Li, Xiu Hong Xu, Jia Lei Xiao, Bi Xian Zhang, Hong Tao Li, Yong Cai Lai

Abstract: Like bacteria, fungi play an important role in the composting process as major decomposers of organic substances. As only a small fraction...

Authors: Min Xu, Jie Guan, Jing Wei Wang

Abstract: Pyrolysis characteristics and kinetics of polyurethane insulation materials from waste refrigerators were investigated using TG-FTIR...

Authors: Bao Min Sun

Abstract: At present, there are still a number of global population faces food crisis in the background of food security. Many developing countries...

Authors: Moumita Naskar, Tapan Kumar Chaki, Kusum Sudhkar Reddy

Abstract: Recycling of waste plastics (WP) denotes an effectual method to dispose the post-consumer products for possible alternative way to obtain...

Authors: Gong Fa Chang, Feng Zhang, Chang Qing Liu, Bo Zhang, Xue Jun Bi

Abstract: Tow plug flow reactors were operated with municipal wastewater according to reversed A2/O process. The only difference was in...

Authors: Yue Feng Zhang, Guang Can Zhu, Xi Wu Lu

Abstract: Rural sanitary pollution has become the major source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants flowing into China's Taihu Lake region. The...

Authors: Horst Meier, Xiang Qian Shi

Abstract: Climate change and global warming issues have thrown new challenges for the economic development. Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)...

Authors: Yi Hua Liu, Fu Bin Tang, Guo Nian Zhu

Abstract: Anilofos is the organophosphorus herbicide widely used in China. However, little is known on the processes governing the environmental fate...

Authors: Jun Jing Guo, Wen Bin Chen

Abstract: This paper forecast alkali capacity demand for energy and CO2 let in China through scene analysis by NICE model .As the major...

Authors: Anne J. Sitienei, Ji Wen Ge, Shadrack M. Ngene, Mupenzi Jean De La Paix, Fred. K. Waweru

Abstract: The aim of the study undertaken at Mt. Elgon National Park was to determine the chemical composition and variation of some mineral elements...


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