Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Zhu Yao

Abstract: For operation roadway of anchor net support with rock urst tendency, the paper analyzed mechanism that anchor of roadway depress disaster of...

Authors: Jian Xun Zhao, Wei Feng, Dan Lei

Abstract: Along with the fact that more and more high-pier long-span bridges have been constructed in China, especially in western regions of China,...

Authors: Min Yuan Huang

Abstract: This article mainly introduce the major effect factor of external prestressing technology, for instance: The reasonable external...

Authors: Xiao Yu Liu, Xiao Tong Xu, Zhan Chao Zhao

Abstract: Masonry building with frame structure (hereinafter referred to as MBFS), rigid upper and flexible lower, is a special kind of structure...

Authors: Shan Hua Xu, Bin Shi, Xin Long Yang

Abstract: Parameter method and fractal theory are carried out for appraising corroded the stell-structured surface of the atmospheric acid corroded...

Authors: Yan Hui Song, Ying Wang, Min Qi Huang

Abstract: Engineering geology characteristics of No. 7 landslide located at Ciha Gorge is described and shear strength of the slip band soils is...

Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao, Li Li Zhou

Abstract: Some domestic colleges and universities have been made some effect in the steel structure teaching reforms, but there are some deficiencies...

Authors: Qian Wang, Yong Gang Tan, Tie Suo Geng

Abstract: The cross-sea suspension bridge is one of the most important development branches of long-span Bridge. The anchorage construction on the sea...

Authors: Shan Hua Xu, Xin Long Yang, Jian Li, Bin Shi, Bin Qiu

Abstract: Stress distribution of blast furnace shell is important to the security of structural system. According to real loads of blast furnace and...

Authors: Ruo Dong Ge, Zheng Zhuo Yin, Ji Hong Zhang

Abstract: At present, the research on the performance of the shear and durability of CFRP reinforced concrete beams is few, the destruction of the...


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