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Authors: Bao Zhu Yao
Abstract: For operation roadway of anchor net support with rock urst tendency, the paper analyzed mechanism that anchor of roadway depress disaster of pressure bump by use of dynamic theory and researched influence degree of different anchor parameters on surrounding rock of roadway with rock burst hazard by use of numerical simulation software FLAC3D. The research result showed that main influencing factors of deformation of surrounding rock of roadway are length and distance of anchor bolt, sensitivity for anchor parameters of deformation of roadside is higher than roof and bottom of roadway.
Authors: Jian Xun Zhao, Wei Feng, Dan Lei
Abstract: Along with the fact that more and more high-pier long-span bridges have been constructed in China, especially in western regions of China, the issues relevant to construction safety, load capacity have attracted duly attention of many bridge engineers. Taking Xushuihe Super Bridge of Yumenkou - Yanliang Expressway in Shaanxi Province as an example, the limited space element models including phase construction,concrete box beams, thin - wall hollow piers, pre-stressed main beam tendon, high piers, and regular reinforcement are proposed to be established in this paper. Thoughts and methods are developed for analysis of the space simulation during overall-process construction and operation, and references are given for further research on this kind of bridges.
Authors: Min Yuan Huang
Abstract: This article mainly introduce the major effect factor of external prestressing technology, for instance: The reasonable external prestressing’s transmission system chiefly includes two aspects of prestressing size and prestressing function position; The tendon steering system is to solve the centralized solution of local stress and the grasp stress of weak link ; The external prestressing anchor system must guarantee multiplicity and construction security; In construction monitoring process,it must grasp the monitor parameter of the prestressing and the deflection and so on; The anti-vibration localization of the external prestressing is to enhance the structure durability etc., which have provided the advantageous technical guidance for the actual projects.
Authors: Xiao Yu Liu, Xiao Tong Xu, Zhan Chao Zhao
Abstract: Masonry building with frame structure (hereinafter referred to as MBFS), rigid upper and flexible lower, is a special kind of structure appropriate for Chinese economic conditions in current years. Although this kind of structure is proven unstable in earthquake, its significant functional advantages and economic competitiveness make it popular in roadside buildings in small cities. In recent years, MBFS damaged seriously in earthquakes. This paper expounds different models and reasons of seismic damage of this kind of structures. This paper also discusses measures to reduce seismic damage of such structure. In the end, this paper proposes an ideal failure model of MBFS after analyzing the essence of damage. The ideals in this paper can help engineers reducing the seismic damage of MBFS as much as possible.
Authors: Shan Hua Xu, Bin Shi, Xin Long Yang
Abstract: Parameter method and fractal theory are carried out for appraising corroded the stell-structured surface of the atmospheric acid corroded the environment. Provided three dimensional parameter definitions. reference datum and computing method of fractal dimension, adopted non-contact-type infiniteFocus full-automatic zooming 3-D superficial measuring apparatus and MATLAB software to deal with the resulting data of the experiment, the results show that parameters method and fractal theory to comprehensive evaluation of corrosion surface of steel structure is more reliability.
Authors: Yan Hui Song, Ying Wang, Min Qi Huang
Abstract: Engineering geology characteristics of No. 7 landslide located at Ciha Gorge is described and shear strength of the slip band soils is determined. Based on the above, unbalanced pushing force method is used to calculate the stability factor of the landslide the under different work conditions. It shows that the influence of the reservoir water level rising on the No. 7 landslide mainly includes two points: (1) water makes the shear strength of slip band soils reduced and thus result in the reduction of the stability factor; (2) the rising of reservoir water level also exerts water pressure to the surface of landslide body, and this is beneficial to landslide stability. Calculation results show that with the rising of reservoir water level the stability factor will experience beginning’s reducing followed by later increasing. The minimum stability factor in the process of impounding is 1.05 and it will be 1.08 when reservoir water level reaches to normal impounded level. This shows that No. 7 landslide will maintain elemental stability status in the all process of impounding.
Authors: Yun Peng Chu, Yong Yao, Li Li Zhou
Abstract: Some domestic colleges and universities have been made some effect in the steel structure teaching reforms, but there are some deficiencies in China in the new period. In view of the new era of our steel structures has increased, The design, construction and technical personnel is a serious shortage of steel , and can’t meet the number in current design institute and the construction units. So puts forward the teaching material, the demand in classroom teaching mode, teaching content and graduation design for the reform, the steel structure to provide a reference for personnel training of the new situation.
Authors: Qian Wang, Yong Gang Tan, Tie Suo Geng
Abstract: The cross-sea suspension bridge is one of the most important development branches of long-span Bridge. The anchorage construction on the sea is a key issue of cross-sea suspension bridge. This paper introduces a new kind of caisson foundation of offshore anchorage. This new design may reduce the construction cost and speed the process of working. In this paper the structural features and the construction gist are detailed.
Authors: Shan Hua Xu, Xin Long Yang, Jian Li, Bin Shi, Bin Qiu
Abstract: Stress distribution of blast furnace shell is important to the security of structural system. According to real loads of blast furnace and temperature loads, this paper carries on the analysis of elastic finite element to a blast furnaces utilizing the software ANSYS. The result shows that most areas of the blast furnace are in elastic state, and only a few around holes are in plasticity state as the result of stress concentration; temperature loads have great influence over the structure stress and displacement. We obtain the stress distribution of blast furnace that is useful in the design of subsequent blast furnace.
Authors: Ruo Dong Ge, Zheng Zhuo Yin, Ji Hong Zhang
Abstract: At present, the research on the performance of the shear and durability of CFRP reinforced concrete beams is few, the destruction of the curved and scissor section is often much subtle and suddenly. Based on the experimental investigation on the durableness of the CFRP concrete beams which has been shear reinforced and non-reinforced in the chloride ion erode, a comparative analysis on the fissure development, deflection, electrochemistry index and strain of the concrete beam were given under load. The results indicate that carbon fiber could limit the fissure development efficiently, and there were not the shear failure after loading, the beams with carbon could improve its shear capacity and durability efficiently, But The increase of durability is more depends on the reinforcement way.

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