Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Hong Feng

Abstract: Quality function deployment (QFD) is a process that has been used for managing the development of new manufactured products. In this...

Authors: Hong Yan Zhang, Hai Hong Dong

Abstract: In this article, Spiral belt static mixer with changing diameter was taken as the object. The numerical simulation method was used to...

Authors: Hao Liang Zhu, Wen Bo Sun

Abstract: For the sensitive of distribution parameters of random variables, system reliability research should be focus on identifying the significant...

Authors: Xiu Li Wang, En Ping Jin, Yan Peng Zhu

Abstract: During construction, the spatial shell structure is the variable constraint structure system. In order to guarantee the construction quality...

Authors: Kai Quan Xia, Xiang Gang Zhang, Zong Ping Chen, Jiang Mei Wang

Abstract: In order to assess accurately safety performance of prestressed concrete poles servicing 30 years, bending loading tests are carried out on...

Authors: Yu Zhao, Yuriko Tomiyasu, Kazuo Konagai

Abstract: Landslides triggered by earthquakes are one of the most damaging natural disasters. Recently, cutting-edge technologies such as Light...

Authors: Ji Sheng Qiu, Guang Hong Xiong

Abstract: Basing on the disadvantages of multi-ribbed slab in practice, a new high-strength steel fiber concrete (HSFC) composite multi-ribbed slab...

Authors: Jin Wang, De Gang Duan, Jie Shen

Abstract: The unruled development of construction land, along with the disordered planning and deteriorating living environment, etc. has long been...

Authors: Xue Feng Cai, Jin Ping Zhuang, Jian Liang Wu

Abstract: Three formwork support units were experimental studied by heaped load. The experimental parameter is vertical poles height difference and...

Authors: Gui Ling Ding

Abstract: Three-dimensional finite element analysis should be used in stability analysis of slope because it can overcome the short advantages of...


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