Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Hua Zhang, Pei Zhang

Abstract: This paper concludes and analyses the main contents of sustainable urban space researches, including various viewpoints and spatial...

Authors: Shu Lin Zhan, Fang Huang, Jun Ying Lai

Abstract: To improve the accuracy of parameter identification and to reduce the test cost in the high-rise structure health monitoring systems , the...

Authors: Han Zhong Luo, Xue Wen Liu, Xing Chun Huang

Abstract: As one of meshfree methods, reproducing kernel particle method (RKPM) is usually associated with semi-Lagrangian formulation for large...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Long Yu, Yun Ju Yan, Yu Guo

Abstract: Over decades phased array antenna technique attracts much more attention in Lamb wave based structural damage detection. Lamb wave generated...

Authors: Zhu You Xi, Yun Ju Yan, Yu Zhang, Liu Liu

Abstract: Bistable stochastic resonance is described by visual explanation. Engineering application feasibility of stochastic resonance is...

Authors: Yan Song Diao, Qi Liang Zhang, Dong Mei Meng

Abstract: Because the ambient excitation is difficult to test, it is necessary to study the damage detection method only with structure responses. In...

Authors: Xiao Chen, Yoshito Itoh

Abstract: This paper presents an analytical study on a minimum patch thickness necessary to fully recover structural performance of corrosion-damaged...

Authors: Dong Jin Qi, Jian Yun Zhou

Abstract: As the "Urban and Rural Planning Law " had been promulgated in 2008, the paper studied the context of socio-economic development and the...

Authors: Xin Wen Wang, Ke Cheng Liu, Tao You

Abstract: Cultural heritage serves as memory of history, authentic historical memory is certainly integral. The system of urban cultural heritage is a...

Authors: Chen Wang, Ming Hua Huang, Chun Yan Hao

Abstract: In Mainland China, especially in Northwest China, the central county cities are the basic units that directly and closely connect all other...


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