Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kan Hua Yu, Hui Cai, Pei Zhang

Abstract: This paper based on the low carbon requirement of urban community planning to address the theory research and practice of low carbon urban...

Authors: Xiao Wei Zheng, Ming Hua Huang, Yang Wang, Hui Quan Cao

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the pros and cons of the current practice of full coverage of regulatory detailed planning, the paper aims to...

Authors: Xiao Hu Wu, Guo Hui Miao

Abstract: For a long time, the Chinese development direction of emphasizing urban area but despising rural area results in the great differences in...

Authors: Dong Liu, Zhi Min Li, Xin Wang

Abstract: Based on the community theory, from the practice characteristic of the county urban and rural settlements, this paper analyzes the problems...

Authors: Ming Hua Huang, Yang Wang, Xiao Nan Shi

Abstract: The author’s observation on the new urban form of Ankang city grounded on the landscape pattern by analyzing and evaluating the present...

Authors: Hai Yi Yu

Abstract: Nantong made great progress in city construction during 1895-1926 by the leading of Jian Zhang, upon which Zhang's Urban Planning Thoughts...

Authors: Zhong Hua Zhang, Pei Zhang

Abstract: with the in-depth development of urbanization, how to construct urban communities of sustainable development has become an indispensable...

Authors: Na Wei, Jia Ping Liu, Lin Bo Chen

Abstract: Based on the research of settlement landscape and field study, this paper starts with the sustainable development idea, takes the Daping...

Authors: Ning Zou

Abstract: Based on the historical evolution of traditional Xiangtan City, elements, morphology of living space, that update the traditional urban...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Jia

Abstract: The tourism resource of Sichuan traditional rural fair doesn’t only inherit the thousands years’ classical custom of Bashu, but also...


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