Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Cai, Tang Yao

Abstract: Anyuan Coal Mine is an important part of Chinese modern coalmine industrial heritage. The thesis discusses the components and current...

Authors: Bin Xia Xue, Zhi Qing Zhao, Sheng Jun Liu

Abstract: Based on the planning patterns of spatial planning both at home and abroad, this paper has analyzed the importance of maintaining the...

Authors: Ming Sun, Jie Li, Xin Qin

Abstract: Because of its special development, Heilongjiang coal city have problems of city decline and marginalized, which directly affects the whole...

Authors: Ning Bai, Su Wu

Abstract: The trend of population aging is growing obviously in China, but there is a great gap between the construction of habitation environment and...

Authors: Zhao Xian Gong, Yi Deng

Abstract: Urban green space is vital for the livability of a city. It is important how to utilize the vegetation on rural-urban fringes to improve the...

Authors: Bin Xia Xue, Bing Shi Bi

Abstract: Based on the cases of public places in foreign and domestic cities, the paper probes into the essential content of some public place from...

Authors: Ja Feng Zhou

Abstract: Urban planning management can not be implemented without government’s control and coordination. It is governmental responsibility to achieve...

Authors: De Ren Fu, Yao Zhi Huang

Abstract: Urban agricultural landscape depends on agricultural production, which is a composite function of the system with the combination of modern...

Authors: Hao Yan Wei, Wei Ting Ding

Abstract: Currently, the feature crises derived from complicated reasons faced by cities in China are very common in the urban planning circle. This...

Authors: Huan Huan Rao, Yao Zhi Huang

Abstract: The rivers are the important environmental factors to influence and restrict the urban structure morphology. Based on reviewing the...


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