Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Han, Yan Long Ren, Yang Xia

Abstract: On account of the fracture status of shaft joint in complex stratum, we analyze the reasons causing damage, then put forward restoration...

Authors: Qi Guo, Shuan Hai He, Qing Ning Li

Abstract: In order to make much detail monitor and more practical evaluation on structural safety and durability for long-span continuous rigid frame...

Authors: Li Hua Xu, Hao Zeng, Feng Xu, Wen Ke Qin

Abstract: In this paper, a total of six reinforced concrete beams including four beams strengthened with externally prestressed CFRP rods and two...

Authors: Yan Wei Li, Zhi Wei Sun, Wei Wei Song

Abstract: A bearing capacity evaluation model of prestressed concrete bridge is established based on analytic hierarchy process. In order to determine...

Authors: Xian Min Zhang, Xiao Hui Guo

Abstract: Static load test is now recognized as a reliable bridge inspection method. However, this method has to interrupt transportation and consume...

Authors: Yong Chao Zhou, Liang Liang Li, Tie Jun Sun

Abstract: Based on a secondary load, the formula of calculating the cross-section stress and stiffness of the reinforced concrete simply supported...

Authors: Qi Yun Wang, Jia Sheng Zhang, Jin Xu

Abstract: The combination of a single row of artificially-dug-up piles and pre-stressed anchor rope was adopted to the foundation pit as the retaining...

Authors: Xu Guang Wang, Tao Zhou, Shu Hua Gao

Abstract: The sustainable development of Xi’an was analyzed based on statistical data from 1996—2008 using economic theory to find the principle...

Authors: Jia Wei Zhang, Zhi Guo Yang, Ya Ping Wu, Shi Jun Zhou, Jian Chang Zhao

Abstract: Based on nonlinear elastic theory and Hamilton’s principle, a generalized element stiffness matrix, which incorporates the effects of...

Authors: Wen Wu Lan, Xiu Ning Peng, Xiao Hua Huang, Yu Lei

Abstract: A new type of construction employing shaped steels as boundary elements and layered braces of RC(Reinforced Concrete) short-pier shear wall...


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