Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Ren, Jian Yang Xue, Zong Ping Chen, Ze Long Mi

Abstract: 8 channel steel reinforced concrete beams and 1 reinforced concrete beam are tested to study the capacity of channel steel reinforced...

Authors: Te Hung Liu, How Ji Chen, Chung Ho Huang, Shu Ken Lin

Abstract: A model is proposed to analyze the tension-stiffening behavior of RC beams. The model takes into account the constitutive laws of...

Authors: Wen Hai Shi, Zan Sun

Abstract: Based on the investigation of dilapidated houses in Wenzhou district, this paper descript the house characteristics such as construction...

Authors: Xing Liu, Shi Yu Wei, Qiang Gao, Zhou Qing, Chun Lin Ran

Abstract: This article describes the basic principles of TM30 Georobot and GeoCOM port, completed the structural design of subway monitoring system...

Authors: Hui Xie, Qing Hua Zhou

Abstract: Height control is one of major concerns in historical and culture environment protection. The paper concerns that how to create good overall...

Authors: Cai Yun Gao, Chuan Jiao Pan, Ning Gao

Abstract: Accurately estimating the deformation of high-rise buildings is a very important work for surveyors, however it is very difficult to get an...

Authors: Jian Min Ren, Yang Yang, Xing Wei Hu

Abstract: Conditions were considered of complex geology and the hydrogeology of Minqin, the 3d numerical simulation model of groundwater system was...

Authors: Xian Min Zhang, Ke Shi Xu

Abstract: Conventional method is getting static displacement calculated by dynamic displacement and impact coefficient aim at making the detection of...

Authors: Yong Tao Yang, Jian Hai Zhang, Zhi Xiong Zhang, Qing Wei Xiang

Abstract: Karst caves are found in the bedrock of Aikou pitch core-walled rock-fill dam, of which the volumes of K6 and K5 all exceed 105m3. Due to K6...

Authors: Yu Cheng Zhang, Guang Hua Yang, Hai Ying Hu

Abstract: Problems and flaws of existing safety criteria for vibration are reviewed. A simple consideration of particle vibration velocity cannot...


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