Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuo Xu, Jun Qi Yu, Di Tao Niu, Zhen Ping Dong, Pan Xiang Gao

Abstract: A wireless remote monitoring sensor network for durability of large concrete structures is designed and studied in the case that traditional...

Authors: Si Meng Liu, Ma Sun, Qing Yang Liu

Abstract: Bridges are the key components of civil infrastructure. Since decades ago, bridge strengthening and rehabilitation have become popular and...

Authors: Si Feng Liu

Abstract: The total chloride concentrations of concrete with 0.51 of water to cementitous from three contents of Fly ash, GGBS, two kinds of corrosion...

Authors: Li Xin Jin, Lian Jun Wang, Song Lin Yang

Abstract: This paper studies on deducing the analytic formulae on Gauss coordinates displacement before or after the increase of major radius of...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Leng Fei Sun

Abstract: Engineering projects often face risks from technology, economy, nature, social and other aspects. Risk factors are of interdependence and...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Song Wei Pei

Abstract: Two aqueducts in 620m length were built 38 years ago. The flumes were U-shape and thin-wall structure in 10m span, which were simply...

Authors: Yang Yang, He Liu, Khalid M. Mosalam

Abstract: In this paper, a practical application for a continues beam-type bridge, the Truckee river bridge, California, to test the validity of the...

Authors: Jiang Tao Yu, Yuan Liu, Zhou Dao Lu, Peng Zhao

Abstract: To measure the depth of fire-damaged concrete by ultrasonic method, it was traditionally assumed that the concrete of the fire-damaged...

Authors: Tong Guo, Wen Hai Chen, Yong Sheng Song

Abstract: Steel stranded wire mesh and polymer mortar (SMPM) is a novel technique recently developed for structural strengthening. To investigate the...

Authors: Jian Feng Wang, Chuan Long Hu, Zai Xuan Zhang, Shang Zhong Jin

Abstract: Distributed optical fiber temperature sensor (DTS) system is used in leakage detection and safety monitoring of dam by measuring...


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