Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Wang Li, Kai Li, Jing Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the elasto-plastic dynamic analysis on the steel spatial arch truss with 60m span and 0.1 rise-span ratio is carried out...

Authors: Yan Sheng Song, Zong Guang Sun, Fan Gu

Abstract: This paper addresses a new damage alarming method of structural health monitoring (SHM) which utilizes statistic method on information in...

Authors: Xiao Long Zhou, Ying Min Li

Abstract: Research status of ground motion parameters of seismic appraisal for existing structures is analyzed. According to the theory of the...

Authors: Jian Feng Li, Yun Xian Zhou, Zhan Jin Ning, Qi Qin Zhu

Abstract: On construction quality detection in high earth rock-filling dam, it is difficulty for testing the relative density Dr Value of large...

Authors: Qi Fang Xie, Jian Yang Xue, Hong Tie Zhao, Jun Fang Hu

Abstract: Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) has been applied to reinforce wood structure with its many advantages. But results of experimental study and...

Authors: Yan Lin Guo, Guang Yu Tian, Xiao An Wang, Guo Dong Chen, Feng Fan

Abstract: This paper presents Integrated Cooperative Time-variation System (ICTS) and its application for constructional process of complex steel...

Authors: Yong Li Zhang, Xiao Peng Hu, Xin Zhang

Abstract: External components loss injuries caused by various defects of steel material performance, design, production and construction, and adverse...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jun Jie Gao, Yun Chao Chen

Abstract: The steel plate reinforced concrete shear wall (abbreviated as SPRCW) is an innovative type of lateral force resisting structural member...

Authors: Hong Liang Zuo, Chao Zhuang, Lin Lin Zhu

Abstract: To research the applicability of equal strength substitution method applied to concrete beams with steel plates, the effects on application...

Authors: Yi Duo Zhang, Rong Gui Liu, Yu Chen, Kai Fu

Abstract: Based on fatigue tests of pre-stressed concrete (PC) and ordinary concrete beams for 15 specimens after different times of freezing-thawing...


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