Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Ping Lu, Fang Lin Huang, Yan Bin Wu

Abstract: This paper studied the main cracking reasons for small and medium-span continuous girder bridge with secondary concreting based on ANSYS....

Authors: Yan Bai, Qing Chang Ren, Fan Kui Zeng

Abstract: In this paper, a new prediction model named RBNN-GM(1,1) (Radial Basis Neural Network-Grey Model) model was constructed and used for the...

Authors: Jia Nian He, Zhan Wang

Abstract: In structure design, for expressions with partial safety factors, partial safety factors and nominal value of loads are calculated based on...

Authors: Li Fang, Xin Ma

Abstract: At present, the main methods of analyzing the reasons why construction cost always got out of control are qualitative analysis based on the...

Authors: Shi Yong Zhao, Tie Cheng Wang, Zhan Wen Li, Zhi Hui Bian

Abstract: The bending performance test on one ordinary reinforced concrete beam and six RC beams strengthened with basalt fiber sheets(BFRP) is...

Authors: Bin Bin Zhang, Wan Lin Cao, Hong Yue Yu, Hai Cheng Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces the status of long span bridge detection, the current detection system, the specifications and the main evaluation...

Authors: Hong Xing Zhou, Hong Cao, Wu Zhang

Abstract: Flood-induced piping and subsequent formation of sand boils can cause severe damage to river levees. And it is known that no piping failure...

Authors: Xian Tie Wang, You Su Fu Ma, Gu Qiu Luo

Abstract: This paper presents a nonlinear numerical analysis on the seismic behavior of concrete filled square steel tube (CFST) columns and steel...

Authors: Fei Long Feng, Yan Liu

Abstract: Modal decomposition method is utilized to investigate Lamb wave scattering at step-like discontinuity. The structure is regard as a special...

Authors: Nai Zhi Zhao, Chang Tie Huang, Xin Chen

Abstract: Many of the wave propagation based structural health monitoring techniques rely on some knowledge of the structure in a healthy state in...


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