Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Jun Sha, Xiao Hao, Shu Hua Zhai

Abstract: The Identification of rock constitutive model is a typical nonlinear system problem; introduction of the intelligent methods has greatly...

Authors: Da Ming Lin, Yan Jun Shang, Guo He Li, Yuan Chun Sun

Abstract: There are many effective researches about tunnel at home and abroad, because the complexity of design and construction for Y-shape tunnel,...

Authors: Hua Lin Zhang, Jun Sheng Yang, Yuan Hong Yang

Abstract: Coal mining often results in settlement of tower foundation and stress change of tower. The influence of tunnel construction on above tower...

Authors: Yu Jia, Long Cai Yang, Jian Guo Liu

Abstract: Aiming at medium distance transportation of excavated spoil and constructional components in the tunnelling process, this paper combines...

Authors: Hua Yuan, Hai Tao Wan, Zhi Liang Zhao

Abstract: A coupled numerical simulation of a river-crossing shield tunnel excavation in saturated soft clay with high groundwater has been performed...

Authors: Jin Hu Song, Lin Chang Miao, Fei Wang

Abstract: A localized high hydraulic conductivity zone with high water pressure is denoted as a hazardous zone. This study focuses on the 3D coupled...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Ming Feng Han, Dong Kun Sun

Abstract: Measure the test points of the natural frequencies, the Fourier amplitude spectrum, power spectrum and other parameters by enter different...

Authors: Hao Zhang, Ming Lei Shi

Abstract: The main objective of adding piles to a raft is sometimes for settlement control. In design, the number of piles for reduce settlements...

Authors: Wei Li, Chun Xiao Zhang, Peng Xiang Sun

Abstract: Filling replacement combined with dynamic compaction is a very effective method to preprocess the soft soil to obtain larger bearing...

Authors: Zheng Rong Zhao, Hong Xia Yang

Abstract: Based on indoor compression test material of high liquid limit clay about Ji-He expressway,analyzed the relationship among compression...


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