Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Yong Wen, Yong Zhang, De Xin Nie

Abstract: Earthwork excavation, as the primary work of the project, the calculation method in quantity not only affects the project budget, but also...

Authors: Jia Tao Wang

Abstract: In the re-pressed tests of jacked pipe piles in soft clay, it was observed that the re-pressed starting pressure can reach to more than 2.5...

Authors: Hai Ying Chen, Hua Wei Tong

Abstract: This paper obtains function index system of excavation by FAST method and introduces fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to estimate function...

Authors: Ke Li, Ying Yi Wang, Xing Chun Huang

Abstract: Based on the Barton-Bandis non-linear deformation structural plane model, displacement discontinuity method (DDM) is used to iteratively...

Authors: Ke Li, Ying Yi Wang, Xing Chun Huang

Abstract: Structural plane is different from common crack, as it is often under pressure and has non-linear normal and tangential deformation...

Authors: Xu Guang Kong, Jun Qing Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzed the board of reliability on the elastic half space model. Considered the random of the larger variability parameters,...

Authors: Bin Lin, Tao Ma, Zhi Bo Cheng

Abstract: the results of deep artificial permafrost 's tri-axial compression test showed that the stress-strain relationship of deep original frozen...

Authors: Gui Hai Fu, Li Min Wei, Hui Zhou

Abstract: Based on the theory of shear displacement method, the transfer matrix of pile in layered soils was deduced, so the analytical theory of...

Authors: Hua Xi Gao, Min Jie Wen, Rong Xin Li

Abstract: Based on Biot saturated soil theory, steady state dynamic response of the system is studied in the frequency domain when the inner boundary...

Authors: Guan Feng Tian

Abstract: Based on the three-dimension rheological model for unsaturated soil the constitutive equations are deduced by Laplace transformation. Then...


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