Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Wu, Zhi Liang Ma

Abstract: As a significant tool in architecture design nowadays,the diagram’s development has gone through a long history.In recent years,the...

Authors: Hong Liang Zuo, Lei Wang, Hong Ying Gao, Liang Guo

Abstract: The static load test of 34 jacked-in PHC pipe piles of medium length are performed in the cohesive soil area, the relationship between the...

Authors: De Yun Ding, Xiu Ren Yang, Wei Dong Lu, Wei Ning Liu, Mei Yan, Ai Min Li

Abstract: In more and more complicated urban building environment, a new construction method that metro engineering is constructed by large-diameter...

Authors: Yu Suo Wang, Ju Mei Zhao, Jian Hui Tang, Guo Qing Li

Abstract: On conditions of different weight,height, shape and the property of slope surface, the tunnel portal structure’s deformation evoked by...

Authors: Quan Cao, Hong Chen, Fa Bo Chen

Abstract: According to the characteristics of installation about the penetrometer of seismic piezocone penetration tests (SCPTu) and the pile, a...

Authors: Mei Yan, Xiu Ren Yang, Ai Min Li, Wen Jun Wang, De Yun Ding

Abstract: With the speedy development of Beijing mass transit, the land for metro engineering construction is becoming more and more insufficient;...

Authors: Bao Long Zhu

Abstract: The mechanism of gas outburst, gas-solid coupled simulation by discrete element method and natural gas problems in the Yuanliangshan tunnel...

Authors: Cai Qin Cao, Chao Gao, Hua Li

Abstract: Based on the single-phase elastic soil medium control equations and boundary conditions [1], by using the weighted residual method, a...

Authors: Li Xin Li, Xiao Long Geng, Man Li

Abstract: The internal force and deformation of shield tunnel segment lining are influenced by many kinds of characteristic parameters. By the elastic...

Authors: Gui Yang, Qi Yin Gao, De Qing Gao, Yan Chen Liu

Abstract: Though the test level has improved highly, the original grading curve of coarse materials should be reduced in some scale in dynamic...


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