Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Xue Yan, Ying Guang Fang, Bo Wu

Abstract: Construction of large-section tunnel leads to changing of rock stress and comes about complicated stress-path, which causes continuously...

Authors: Ye Lu, Yong Tan

Abstract: This study examines the performance of a deep metro excavation constructed by top-down technique in Shanghai clay deposits. The monitoring...

Authors: De Wu Li

Abstract: Related to the actual project in the new Qi Daoliang tunnel between Lanzhou and Lintao highway, select 300-meter calculation range along the...

Authors: Qian Zhuang, Guo Guang Wang, Shao Wu Li

Abstract: The necessity to carry out study of the influence of metro works on tree growth in their vicinity is explained in the present paper. A...

Authors: Lin Li

Abstract: Shrinkage induced tensile force was observed in a 264m long reinforced concrete struts through field monitoring during a foundation...

Authors: Yun Long Wang, Zhao Yan Li, Rui Sun, Xiao Ming Yuan

Abstract: Cyclic triaxial tests were carried out for remodeled saturated clayey sands with the clay content varying in a relatively wide range from 0%...

Authors: San Qing Su, Bo Tuan Deng, Jun Feng Hou, Zhen Lv

Abstract: The conventional triaxial compression(CTC), triaxial compression(TC) and reduce triaxial compression(RTC) of ordinary loess in Xi,an Ba He...

Authors: Feng Han, Han Zhang, Yang Hu, Xu Yao Bai

Abstract: In this paper, the design of the single cuboids cavity model of cavity is on the basis of national defense works and human defense works...

Authors: Bo Zhang

Abstract: Duncan—Chang constitutive model is widely used for it reflecting the main property—nonlinearity of soil. In the paper, the geotechnical...

Authors: Long Wei Chen, Xian Zhang Ling, Xiao Ming Yuan

Abstract: Ground motion is closely related with subsoil properties. Under dynamic loading, subsoil tends to soften. Using a 1D model to simulate...


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