Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Xiang Lei, Bo Gao

Abstract: Taken extremely complex and specific underground chamber excavation of TBM assembly in Jinping Ⅱ Hydropower Station as the background, the...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Dong Kun Sun, Ming Feng Han

Abstract: Based on shaking table model test, each response of the pipe models is obtained by inputting different types, amplitudes, frequencies of...

Authors: Jin Hu, Zhen Kun Xin, Gui Chun Liu, Xiao Ping Tang

Abstract: Lin'an City, a building located in the downtown, surrounding and supermarkets, banks, residential quarters, office space and many other...

Authors: Chun Yu Gao, Jian Hui Deng, Fan Li Meng

Abstract: The underground cavities of the Guandi Hydropower Station comprise four pressure division tunnels, a generator chamber, a main transformer...

Authors: Kui Hua Wang, Deng Hui Wu, Shao Jun Ma, Wen Bing Wu

Abstract: By means of pseudo-dynamic theory, a new calculating method is presented to calculate the pseudo-dynamic seismic active earth pressure...

Authors: Kui Hua Wang, Wen Bing Wu, Deng Hui Wu, Zhi Qing Zhang

Abstract: Based on virtual soil pile model, the influence of sediment properties on complex impedance at the head of rock-socketed pile is...

Authors: Feng Wen Pan

Abstract: By using the numerical analysis method as the test means, this paper simulated and studied the main factors of ground loss which was caused...

Authors: Xin Qiang Gao, Gang Rong, Yong Quan Zhu

Abstract: This article used the elastic-plastic finite element analysis method based on strength reduction theory and researched the regularity of...

Authors: Yan Xu, Zhen Shun Liu, Wen Zhao

Abstract: Subway construction involves a large number of excavation engineering. For the restrictions caused by conditions on the spot,Many foundation...

Authors: Qing Feng Lv, Jing Wen Zhao, Sheng Xin Wang, Yan Xu Zhao

Abstract: The soil-water characteristic curve is an important constitutive feature of unsaturated soils, defining the relationship between the soil...


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