Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tai Hua Yang, Huai Jian He, Xiang Chao Gong

Abstract: According to Moore-Coulomb strength theory, combined with the shear strength reduction method, assumed that the exerted value of the soil’s...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Li Yuan Tong

Abstract: The elastic foundation beam method is the main method of stress analysis of the supporting structure of the foundation pit, it can easily...

Authors: Qi Zhi Hu, Fei Shuai, Gao Liang Tao, Yi Peng Zhou

Abstract: The reasons of the soil mechanical behavior shown are the property of their internal microstructure changes in the external reflection, so...

Authors: Hui Long, Guo Xing Chen, Hai Yang Zhuang

Abstract: This paper selected representative soft site along the subway lines and created two-dimensional overall finite element analysis model about...

Authors: Hai Yong Xu, Long Zhu Chen

Abstract: A fitting function of lateral displacement of cemented soil retaining wall was proposed according to several measured data of excavations....

Authors: Hua Shu Yang, Hai Wei, Yu Lu Yang, Jin Yu Li, Xiao Lin Yin

Abstract: Laterite contacted with alkaline materials, was significantly corroded under same conditions, it to be found in the processes of dam safety...

Authors: Xue Xiang Yang

Abstract: The subgrade at the end of a bridge near some important buildings,such as bridge abutment and 500KV transmission line. To meet of the demand...

Authors: Chao Sun, Qing Wang

Abstract: Through numerical simulation,the article analyzes the difference of ground surface acceleration response under the condition of free site...

Authors: Heng Hu, Yan Li, Zhi Liang Dong, Yan Luo, Gong Xin Zhang

Abstract: All the time, security control method of loading is an important research part in the surcharge preloading, which is directly related to...

Authors: Bing Zhang, Xiao Mou Wang

Abstract: A frequently used technique for improving the performance of geotechnical structures consists in incorporating into the backfill soil,...


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