Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Bing Xiao, Guan Lu Jiang

Abstract: In China subgrade engineering practice, for embankment settlements, there were often greatly different between calculated values and the...

Authors: Hong Mei Gao, Guo Xing Chen, Zhi Hua Wang

Abstract: EPS composite soil is a new kind of lightweight soil. As the fill material for the embankment, it has enormous advantages. Based on a known...

Authors: Guan Jun Luo, Wen Xi Fu

Abstract: Due to the subjectivity and limitation for estimating the disturbance factor in the Hoek–Brown formulas, this paper proposes the term "the...

Authors: Sheng Li Liu, Wen Guang Zhao, Yang Zhang, He Jie Gao, Fang Wei Fu

Abstract: Under the control of the tow-Yun fracture, the geological conditions are complicated and the rock strata is broken in Shiyan area ,in the...

Authors: Xing Zheng, Wen Xi Fu

Abstract: The reliability analysis in this paper is implemented directly starting from the basic variables of the HoekBrown criterion. A limit state...

Authors: Bin Zhang, Ying Hua Zhao

Abstract: Explicit equations of stress, displacement and pore-water pressure are derived by solving Biot’s consolidation equations through Laplace and...

Authors: Bin Tang, Ya Guang Liu, Xiao Xin Zhang

Abstract: Cast-in-place pile with its strong adaptability, cost moderate, construction simple and its high bearing capacity, can penetrate through the...

Authors: Chang Liang Zhang, Ya Guo Zhang, Xiao Wei Zhang, Xiao Ning Deng, Tong Lu Li

Abstract: Ningde nuclear power plant in Fujian province is one of the national key construction projects of nuclear power, in order to insure the...

Authors: Tong Chun Han, Ming Hua Tan

Abstract: Dissolution of gas and salts leads to the variation of groundwater property in geotechnical medium. By thermodynamic calculation the effect...

Authors: Hua Xu, Tian Bin Li, Chang Wei Yang

Abstract: It has been proved by the seismologic observation of 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake that a large number of shallow-buried depth mountain tunnels...


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