Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Peng Cao, Jian Wen Ding, Xia Bian, Feng Ji, Gui Zhong Xu

Abstract: Consolidation of dredged clays with a system of horizontal and vertical drains is considered. Horizontal drains in the system are made of...

Authors: Chao Ye Song, Shu Ming Zhou

Abstract: The Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Subsea Tunnel is the main important straitcrossing road linking the main city and complement city. The tunnel is...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jing Ma

Abstract: China's construction sector with foreign research results, the promotion of pro-urban settlements, and launched a multi neighborhood...

Authors: Jiang Lin Li, Jing Yu Su, Xian Zhang Li

Abstract: Regional earthquake disaster macro risk assessment model can be devided into two parts:economic losses and casualities. through the compare...

Authors: Yi Bing Jin, Jun Wang, Wen He Cui

Abstract: “Zhuangkuo” is a unique type of residence in Qinghai. It is characterized by local materials, simple structure, and convenient construction....

Authors: Xiao Rui Zhang

Abstract: The way of “building high hathpaces” occupies a unique position in traditional Chinese architecture. According to the research, the ancient...

Authors: Ze Xin Li, Li Li Zhou, Xian Zheng Luo

Abstract: This paper discusses the relationship of the regional characteristics of architecture based on historical context and the characteristics of...

Authors: Lei An, Pei Zhang

Abstract: Evaluation of urban system planning is to build its index system to evaluate the results of planning. First, from scale level, functional...

Authors: Jie Yan, Jun Wang

Abstract: Analyses the types and characters of the local architecture in the south of Shaanxi Province.Unscrambles the producing process and forming...

Authors: Shou Kai Chen, Li Xia Guo

Abstract: In view of concrete structure of dam plant elbows section is complex and strong external constraints, the study of concrete temperature and...


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