Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Li Gu

Abstract: By the studying and comparing of some old house in Nanning, we find something same: they have simple structure, good ventilation, preventing...

Authors: Yu Wen Na, Zhi Min Li, Hong Bin Zhao

Abstract: It has been a long time that two kinds of resident habitations and the corresponding administration systems have been present and...

Authors: Qiang Liu, Jiang Chang, Nan Shi

Abstract: Chinese traditional culture has a distinct nationality and regionality, and serves as the source of valuable creative element in...

Authors: Xian Min Wen, Jian Hui Yang, Han Hua Zhu

Abstract: An experimental methods was used to study the reasonable distance of tunnels with small spacing, four tunnels were located in a model, the...

Authors: Ji Min Liu, Chang Bo Wang

Abstract: The vertical structural stability of floating drilled shaft during sinking is an important practical issue on the safety of boring technique...

Authors: Yin Zhang, Xin Gao, De Jun Zhao

Abstract: Rammed earth is a construction form featuring energy saving and economical. However, affected by many factors, the existing rammed earth...

Authors: Bin Lin, Zhi Bo Chen, Tao Ma

Abstract: The test study the creep property of artificial frozen clay at different frozen temperature by independently developed uniaxial creep...

Authors: Liang Zhao, Chang Hua Li, Fa Ning Dang, Deng Feng Chen

Abstract: Scanning observation on meso evolution of fracture in concrete is carried out by means of computerized tomography (CT) on uniaxial...

Authors: Ze Lin Niu, Zhan Ping Song

Abstract: Safety and reliability of lining structure of tunnel affect the using of the tunnel. Inspection method Pearson is used, based on reliability...

Authors: Yin Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xin Gao, Shao Hua Yang

Abstract: In the passage, the process of selecting location, size, set out, dig kilns etc of the cliff-cave and sunken cave were discussed, as well as...


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