Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Xia Yang

Abstract: Based on the geologic exploration materials and indoor test of Ji-He expressway,analysed the compaction characteristics of high liquid limit...

Authors: Jiang Shu Ding, Yao Qiang Xian, Tian Jun Liu

Abstract: With the development of urban construction, urban transit network has been gradually improved, but subway tunnel under its normal operation...

Authors: Sheng Liu, Tong Liu, Bang Zhe Liu, Zi Chao Dong

Abstract: In order to analyze the mechanical properties parameters sensitivity of large section soil tunnel, this paper designs numerical test program...

Authors: Cheng Yuan Lu, Jin Jin Li, Fan Li Meng

Abstract: A group of model tests were designed to study the effect of horizontal load on the vertical bearing capacity of disk pile. Three double-disk...

Authors: Long Long Fu, Quan Mei Gong, Yang Wang

Abstract: To investigate the dynamic transfer characteristics of low geosynthetic-reinforced embankments supported by CFG piles under high-speed train...

Authors: Yong Zhang, Feng Tian Yue, Rong Jian Shi, Lu Lu

Abstract: The paper derives the similarity criterion aiming at the characteristics of repairing the drainage pipe with the method of the liquid...

Authors: Zhao Bo Meng, Shi Cai Cui, Teng Fei Zhao, Liu Qin Jin

Abstract: According to measured shear wave velocity of Xi’an Bell Tower area (Loess Area), the dynamic parameters of site soil are determined by using...

Authors: Hai Yi Yu

Abstract: This paper focuses on the power gaining in Nantong planning (1895-1926), and the role that an individual could play in local city planning...

Authors: Fang Xu

Abstract: Through a comparison on the community support for the elderly at home(SSEH) carried out in three communities in Beijing in recent years this...

Authors: Jing Wei Wang, Qiu Ying Guo, Ying Jun Sun

Abstract: Using the ordinary digital camera to obtain the single image of the ancient building there are three sets of parallel lines perpendicular to...


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