Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ru Heng Wang, Jin Cheng

Abstract: Adequately consider the mechanisim of concrete and steel of the beam after perish, this paper preclude the bending bearing capacity function...

Authors: Peng Deng, Lai Wang, Na Han, Yan Liu

Abstract: Hyperbolic paraboloidal latticed shell, with a span of 93.6m, is adopted in the gymnasium of China University of Petroleum. Single-layer...

Authors: Kai Quan Xia, Ni Wang, Zong Ping Chen, Ming Zhong

Abstract: In order to evaluate safety performance of reinforced concrete poles accurately, 6 reinforced concrete pole specimens were selected randomly...

Authors: Wei Xi Zhang, Yong Tao Liu

Abstract: The structural damages, which result from the inadequate bearing capacity or the asymmetric support of foundation, are one of the crucial...

Authors: Sheng Chun Wang, Rong Sheng Shen, Tong Hong Jin, Shi Jun Song

Abstract: First establish a dynamic model of tower crane in the load lifting process, the lifting load is solved.Then establish the FEM model of the...

Authors: Yao Ting Zhang, Yi Zheng, Hong Jian Li

Abstract: A dynamic test of two unbonded fully prestressed concrete beams has been conducted. The results indicate that the natural frequency of beams...

Authors: Xing Dong Zhao, Jie Liu, Shan Chuan Cao, Shi Da Xu

Abstract: This paper introduces an example on AE monitoring and ultrasonic wave velocity measurement of concrete (C20). Experiment on AE...

Authors: Yan Xu, Yan Yan Yan

Abstract: Based on optimal designed objective function method, on the constraint condition of control point level and the objective function of the...

Authors: Sheng Liu, Tong Liu, Bang Zhe Liu, Zi Chao Dong

Abstract: In order to reasonably analyze the influence of rheological properties on the soil deformation behavior of tunnel in soil, this paper...

Authors: Xiao Min Li, Yong Gao Chen

Abstract: An engineering case is taken to analyze data of buildings settlement caused by foundation pit excavation. The predicted value was calculated...


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