Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Heng Hou, Yi Wang, Xiao Hao

Abstract: Based on the calculation method by Frangopol on redundancy, the paper calculates the ultimate load-bearing capacities of a single-layer...

Authors: Li Mei Wang, Xi Kang Yan

Abstract: Quota for the construction of enterprise management an increasingly important role, so their problems through the analysis made clear the...

Authors: Qing Guang Yang, Jie Liu, Jie He

Abstract: Excavation displacement monitoring is a kind of important measure assuring construction safety of large-scale excavation engineering.How to...

Authors: Ning Zhuang, Song Ge, Da Chen, Jun Wei Li, Wan Jun Ye

Abstract: Accidents, such as storm surge, typhoon, non-normal impacting and other abnormal operating conditions will all cause damage to the structure...

Authors: Huai Shi Bo, Hua Kuan Liu

Abstract: Though engineering compares and numerical analysis, the analysis of construction risk control project for shaft close to current iron tower...

Authors: Mei Liang Yang, Zhen Hai Zeng, Fang Ping Zhong, Dan Chen

Abstract: Steel cofferdam has an abroad application in high pile cap construction in deep water foundations. Because of the obvious three-dimensional...

Authors: Lin Cheng, Dong Jian Zheng, Yong Chao Zou

Abstract: This paper presented an approach of decoupling the system represented by a time series of dam monitoring data into a series of subsystems...

Authors: Nai Hui Gao, Ming Zhao, Su Zhen Li

Abstract: Displacement is a very important parameter in the civil engineering safety evaluation. But traditional displacement measurement methods are...

Authors: Xian Xi Tang, Xian Zhou Tang, Yue Xu, Wei Guo

Abstract: In order to verify the role of fiber bragg grating strain gauge in strain measurement of concrete bridge, and the influence of concrete and...

Authors: Wen Sheng Li, Xiao Wei Wang, Xiao Wu Deng

Abstract: The rule of stiffness and deflection change of reinforced concrete two-way slabs strengthened by CFRP was discussed after test research. The...


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