Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Yi Zhang, Long Zhu Chen

Abstract: It is difficult to apply the common nondestructive method to the pile with an inaccessible head condition. The Parallel Seismic test,...

Authors: Yao Zhi Luo, Ruo Fei Tong

Abstract: Some key technologies of neural network for structural damage identification, such as structural design of BP network, input parameter...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Cheng Wei Liu, Jie Ding, Yu Lian Guo

Abstract: In this paper we introduce sandbag cofferdam combined with sand-filling core of embankment ,integrate stability’s checking calculation using...

Authors: Ji Tong Jiang, Wei Liu, Hong Qiu Guo, Song Yang, De Run Du

Abstract: Based on seismic analysis of concrete-masonry mixed structure, a new strengthening method will be introduced. In order to find the effective...

Authors: Chun De Piao, Yong Zhao Qu

Abstract: Based on BOTDR distributed optical fiber sensing technology, this paper studies the variation law of branch pile axial force under the...

Authors: Chun Yuan Liu, Zhuan Wang, Sha Sha Jin

Abstract: A new expert system was built for safety assessment of soft soil roadbed, in which the characteristics was taken into account by using...

Authors: Feng Wen Pan

Abstract: Due to the diversification of soft soil’s treatment methods in coastal region, the evaluation of the treatment‘s effect on freeway is the...

Authors: Su Duo Xue, Xiao Bing Luan, Xiong Yan Li

Abstract: This paper is to study the seismic response of spatial structure incorporating the soil structure interaction (SSI). The SSI model for the...

Authors: Yu Ping Sun, Zhen Shan Hou

Abstract: Through the ABAQUS three dimensional modeling, established the dog-bone connection and traditional connection’s 3D finite element model,...

Authors: Ling Huang, Liang Chang

Abstract: A brief introduction of Nanchang International Financial mansion manometry test model was stated first, And based on the Fluent software...


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