Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Zhi Huang, Chao Jun Chen

Abstract: Nanning proposed to create "water city with Chinese characteristics” in 2009, so how to use its unique Subtropical landscape resources,...

Authors: Yi Deng, Ling Cai, Xi Lin Li

Abstract: In view of the analysis on systematic characteristics of urban landscape based on the landscape urbanism theory, this paper proposed a...

Authors: Jan Bin Zhao, Jie Tian

Abstract: In regulatory planning’s formulation and implementation of China, there are four participating subjects, namely managers, planners,...

Authors: Wei Mo, Xiao Li Wang

Abstract: By analyzing the features in Korean nationality’s rural landscape, abundant precious fortune of cultural value can be explored. This paper,...

Authors: Wei Dong, Yu Dong

Abstract: In process of urban development, the various participants carry out development activities with their own goals, often caused urban...

Authors: Yang Wu, Kai Fu

Abstract: The landscape architecture that can adapt to climate is rare in actual project. The reason is that climate change is often seen as a threat,...

Authors: Ya Chen Liu, Wan Bo Liu, Meng Xiao Sun

Abstract: Abstract: Commercial real estate is the real estate primarily used for commercial. This paper proposes using the multi-attribute group...

Authors: Shi Liang Lu, Kai Xing

Abstract: The motivation and new tendency hidden in the representation of the large-scale sports stadiums is thoroughly dug from form representation,...

Authors: Biao Chen, Sheng Li

Abstract: In order to know the operation condition of bridges when they’re under the action of overweight vehicles, it’s necessary to collect the...

Authors: Shou Kai Chen, Wei Wei Zhang

Abstract: The accuracy of thermal parameters, which are one of the important conditions to study the problem of temperature control and crack...


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