Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Chen, Zhong Fan Chen

Abstract: CTSRC structure is a new composite structural system for residential buildings and it consists of walls and floors which are made of the...

Authors: Li Ming Wu, Zi Jian Wang

Abstract: Buildings built on the slope and slope, in order to avoid a lot of digging embankment. According to the slope of potential changes in pile...

Authors: Hong Wei Wei, Xiao Li Yang, Ze Hong Yu

Abstract: Finite element model of culvert under high-backfill reinforced with Geosynthetics was set up to calculate the soil pressures on culvert and...

Authors: Jin Xia Kang

Abstract: In this paper, the models of traditional anti-seismic and base-isolated masonry and concrete frame composite structures were created by the...

Authors: Yun Sheng Wang, Jun Feng Wu, Yong Hong Luo, Ma Xiao, Li Shun, Quan Qing

Abstract: There are 15 large-scaled rock landslides in the middle reach of Daduhe River in the western Sichuan. As they even dammed the Daduhe River...

Authors: Jia Zhu Xue, Xiang Cao Zhi, Yv Zhang Chi

Abstract: Transmission tower security is the first requirement of intelligent power grid and exploring transmission tower line failure mechanism is a...

Authors: Wei Shi, Xia Zhang, Cong Shen

Abstract: As the structure component of the spray anchor bracing system, at present the structure calculation method of the longitudinal lattice...

Authors: Xiang Tao Xu, Xiao Hu

Abstract: In this paper, seismic behavior of the frame-shear wall structure, which are respectively composed of the concrete filled steel tubular...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Guang Yuan Weng

Abstract: Bridge strengthening technology is a new hot spot of bridge engineering now, and choice for a scientific strengthening scheme is an...

Authors: Tze Yang Darren Lim, Bahador Sabet Divsholi, Susanto Teng

Abstract: In today’s rapid construction, a reliable method for quick evaluation of concrete quality during construction is very important. The...


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