Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Zhou Wu, Ling Lin Wu

Abstract: This study puts forward the framework of GIS—Scenario decision method and introduces some methods, ideas, principles and analysis process...

Authors: Yue Wang, Yue Zhang

Abstract: This essay analyses and researches the current situation and demands of new rural construction in Hangzhou ecological belt, and the problems...

Authors: Wen Long Zhu

Abstract: At present, China is in the period of rapid growth of industrialization. In order to develop industrial enterprise, every place is in the...

Authors: Shu Ru Liu, Xiao Wen Wang

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, the economy increase gradually from relying on the labor, the investment of capital and the...

Authors: Wen Hui Zheng

Abstract: Urban geography is widely used in urban planning, regional planning, and multiform strategy researches about urban and area development. In...

Authors: Dong Xiang Hu, Jun Tang

Abstract: This paper discusses the possibility of amalgamation of urban green spaces and emergency shelters, according to their characters of design...

Authors: Li Jia Zhu, Wei Ping Hu

Abstract: In post-modern context, conceptual buildings appear post-modern symptoms. What is its identity? What do modern and post-modern mean to...

Authors: Li Jun Hao, Zhe Tao Xiao

Abstract: The aim of this paper is that study significance and effect of applying ideas of urban management in urban design. Through induction and...

Authors: Ming Sun, Jun Dong

Abstract: In urban ecological planning, there are plenty of the contradictory problems about plan goal and antithetic goals. It is an important and...

Authors: Ming Chen Xue

Abstract: With the fast processing of West Development, the urban redevelopment and renewing of western Shandong has become the focus of the social...


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