Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Xia Yuan, Wei Liang Jin

Abstract: In view of the significant failure modes of formwork-supporting system and reinforced- concrete member, the reliability analysis model of...

Authors: Xiao Guang Wu, Jian Feng Gu

Abstract: Taking a half-through concrete-filled steel tube(CFST) tied arch bridge with span arrangement (40m+200m+40)m as an example, this paper make...

Authors: Dong Ming Guo, Yi Zhang, Gui He Li

Abstract: The use of industrial CT systems, and special loading equipment, combination of coal and rock under uniaxial compression load test real-time...

Authors: Yong Zhou, Wei Liao

Abstract: With China's accession to the WTO and the development of knowledge economy, human capital's role in the construction business has become...

Authors: Tao Lan, Ji Ping Hao, Hai Jun Xu

Abstract: Taking a group of SPSW with openings with or without edge members as example, this paper states the importance of edge members in view of...

Authors: Da Hua Li

Abstract: In the first phase of the project of AnHui Province New Broadcasting Center, the CT-1 foundation of tube cushion cap in main building is...

Authors: Quan Zhou, Yu Hou, Ru Gang Chen

Abstract: Because of the low power loss and high stability, foil bearings are suitable lubrication components for high speed rotational systems. At...

Authors: Ming Jin Chu, Peng Feng, Lie Ping Ye

Abstract: Shear walls are commonly used as structural elements to resist earthquake. The seismic performance of shear wall can be guaranteed under...

Authors: Er Jun Wu, Wei Jiang

Abstract: With an independent foundation reinforced applying section-enlarging plan as an example, the contact stress distributions between foundation...

Authors: Jin Song Zhu, Li Kun He

Abstract: In order to accurately simulate the diffusion of chloride ion in the existing concrete bridge and acquire the precise concentration of...


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